Whenever we get into relationships, we always hope for the best. We always want to believe that things are going to work out in our favor. It is very unusual for anyone to go into a relationship thinking that they are just bound for failure. We always maintain a certain sense of optimism and positivity for our relationships as we get into them.

However, there is just no denying the truth that relationships are never a sure thing – no matter how pure your intentions might be going into them. Some relationships start off great only to end up crashing and burning as time goes by.

And usually, these relationships are destroyed by circumstances that could have been avoided with more vigilance and better effort. It’s no secret that a lot of relationships end up failing purely because the people involved in them failed to make things work.


The grand destroyers of relationships don’t always have to be significant life-changing events. A breakup doesn’t always have to be brought about by a case of infidelity, a career shift, or a big argument. Usually, breakups occur as a result of incremental killers that accumulate over time.

And the worst part about this is that a lot of these killers are silent; they float under the radar and you never notice that they’re harming your relationship until it’s too late.

So you always have to make sure to practice good habits in your relationship day-in and day-out. You don’t want to end up losing a perfectly good love just because of your recklessness, do you? You have to stay on top of things. Be sure that you aren’t guilty of committing any of these mistakes in your relationship, and you should be fine.

1. Senseless Jealousy


It’s nice to act a little possessive in a relationship. It makes your partner feel wanted and protected. But to be overly jealous about nothing is toxic and it’s destroying your romance.

2. A Reluctance To Give Each Other Space

Just because you’re in a relationship with one another doesn’t mean that you have to spend all of your time together. It’s always important to establish a sense of individuality despite the fact that you’re in a relationship. Give each other space to breathe and be your own persons every once in a while.

3. Liberal Use Of The Silent Treatment

You should never use the silent treatment as a tool to get what you want out of a relationship. You have to understand that part of getting what you want from your partner is being able to communicate your needs effectively. You aren’t going to solve the problem by just keeping quiet.

4. A Refusal To Engage In Difficult Conversations


Sometimes, the hardest discussions to have are the most important ones. And you can’t keep on putting these discussions off just because they somehow make you feel uncomfortable. You must be willing to talk to your partner about anything.

5. A Negative Demeanor And Outlook On Life

Stop being so negative and pessimistic about everything. You are going to be such a downer and no one will want to be around you if you keep on being like that.

6. Airing Of A Relationship’s Dirty Laundry


Keep the most intimate aspects of your relationship private. There’s no reason for you to be discussing your personal problems with your friends. Respect your partner’s privacy.

7. Ceasing To Take Care Of Yourself


Always make it a point to take care of yourself even when you’re in a relationship with someone. Show your partner that you’re always willing to put in the effort to be your best for them.

8. Getting Distracted Too Easily


Don’t let distractions get the best of you. When you spend quality time with one another, make sure that you put your phone down. Focus on yourselves even for just a little bit. Focus on the love you have for one another.

9. Not Actively Listening


Communication is a very important aspect of any relationship. You must always make it a point to actively engage in communication with your partner. And part of being a good communicator is being a good listener.

10. Immature Arguments


Never resort to personal attacks and malignant comments when you’re arguing with one another. Always keep things civil and mature. Argue like real grown ups who are genuinely trying to hear each other out instead of tearing each other down.

11. Failure To Make One Another Feel Appreciated


Don’t take each other for granted. Sure, it’s nice that your relationship has attained for itself a sense of stability. But that doesn’t mean that you are allowed to be complacent. Make sure that your partner knows just how much you appreciate them. Make their presence in your life feel validated.

12. Unreasonable Expectations


You always need to be able to maintain reasonable expectations for each other and for the relationship. Otherwise, you are setting each other up for failure and disappointment; and no one wants that.

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