Win the heart or seduce each sign knowing the strengths, weaknesses, tastes or fears of each of them can make things much easier.

These are the tricks that work to love and seduce each of the signs of the zodiac. Man or Woman. You have to know if you want to get into the heart.

How To Win The Heart Of The Pisces

They demand respect and will not settle for anything less than that. Pisces want to feel that their lover is respectful of their wishes and will always respect him as well. They love taking care of others and expect you to take care of them in return.

How To Win The Heart Of The Aquarius

They are spontaneous and eccentric. They want a lover who fills their heart with adventure. An Aquarius may have difficulty establishing with a person. But once they find the right person. They will remain faithful until the day of their death.

How To Win The Heart Of The Capricorn

This is one of the signs of the zodiac more difficult to please in love since they are very demanding and do not settle for anything.

They want someone to take charge and take the first step. They will be quiet and reserved until they feel comfortable enough around them.

How To Win The Heart Of The Sagittarius

It is one of the signs most attached to your partner. He fears loneliness and always wants to feel the company of the loved one, whether personal or virtual.

He is the one who sends messages to see what you are doing, he is very codependent.

They want someone who craves their touch and they should feel extremely sexually attracted to their partner. For a Sagittarius, sex is an art.

How To Win The Heart Of The Scorpio

It is the most reserved zodiac signs of all. He does not like people to find out about his personal life, so he will try to avoid showing affection in public. It is very reserved.

They keep most of their personal lives as a great secret from the rest of the world, and it is difficult to know them more than they seem. If a Scorpion shares a secret with you. That means They really trust you.

How To Win The Heart Of The Libra

Libra like to talk A good conversation is sexy for a Libra. They want to be able to talk about deeper sides of life but have difficulty managing their emotions. Libra can be very emotional. But they do not always know how to express those emotions in the best way.

How To Win The Heart Of The Virgo

They like to feel that you are trying for them. They want someone to fight for them every day and never give up when things get tough.

A Virgo can be difficult to win because they never let their emotions be seen completely. They are intelligent and much smarter than they appear to be.

How To Win The Heart Of The Leo

They have a kind and gentle heart that they like to hide from the rest of the world. Once you pass the hard shell. You will see how they are really good. Leo is a lover and a fighter.

But beware, you can get bored quite easily. They want adventure. Leo has a full of inspiration in his mind with new ideas and exciting plans.

How To Win The Heart Of The Cancer

Cancer is very emotional, quite sensitive and seeks a deep and lasting bond. They are very confident. But once you break that trust. It is very difficult to recover it.

Cancer is very protective and loving in a relationship. They want to sustain you in all possible ways and expect the same kind of affection in return.

How To Win The Heart Of The Gemini

They have difficulty accepting those feelings. So you must endure them to win their hearts. Be patient with a Gemini. They can be an incredible and passionate lover once you go through their hard surface and get inside their warm and fragile heart.

A Gemini needs to feel loved and protected in a relationship. His mood is constantly changing. Sometimes they will behave as the most loving. But other days it will seem that you do not exist in his life.

How To Win The Heart Of The Taurus 

They will remain faithful to you whenever you do it in return. Taurus has to do with trust, so once you break that trust. They will probably never trust you again. Talking about things is a priority for a Taurus. They love random kisses on the hand in public.

How To Win The Heart Of The Aries

An Aries will never chase someone else than they think is necessary. They are good on their own. An Aries needs to remain independent but wants you to be there to encourage them.

They hate excessive suggestions because they find it too stupid. They know exactly what they want. So do not try to convince them. Aries wants someone with whom they can grow together and separately because they love freedom.

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