By this point, you know your star sign inside and out and have a handle on your birthstone. Maybe you’ve even checked out your natal chart and looked into numerology. But have you heard of colorstrology?

Colorstrology can guide everything from the decor in our homes to the clothes we’re drawn to. We don’t often let color guide our day-to-day routines, but it provides valuable insights into our emotions, behavior, drives, and triggers. Think of it as a way to paint your personality using colors instead of numbers or stars.

We can weave together the knowledge of all things cosmos and color by using the zodiac as a guide to our colorstrology. Just like the cycle of the star signs cycles from Aries to Taurus to Gemini, colorstrology follows the same flow. Think ROYGBIV: Aries is red, Taurus is orange, Gemini is yellow…

Aries: Red

The trailblazer of the zodiac, you are red-hot and passionate. When you get an idea, there is a fire under your butt to see it done. The colors of the flame—reds and oranges—are all about igniting that motivation.

Taurus: Orange

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Taurus is a feminine, nurturing sign, and oranges, peaches, and pinks are lovely shades that can help you create stability and progress, and operate from a place of love.

Gemini: Yellow

Your Gemini mind can change in a flash, like a bright yellow lightning bolt. Yellow also brings with it the a positive, can-do energy that’s perfect for your cheerful demeanor.

Cancer: Gray

The moon is the ruling planet of Cancer, so this sign’s colors are bright whites, moon-dust grays, and luna silvers. These shades represent intuition and insight, which are perfect for Cancer’s deep, reflective nature. Use them to help you focus on your inner truth.

Leo: Burnt Gold

The halo of the sun, with its bright orange and gold accents, mirrors a lion’s powerful mane. These shades will help you simulate warmth, community, and creativity so you can find light in your pride and your tribe.

Virgo: Green

The mysterious green flash that hits just as the sun sets over the Earth is the perfect magical shade for a Virgo. Those with this Earth sign feel most at peace with dirt under their feet, surrounded by the beauty of wood, soil, and air.

Libra: Pastels

A Libra’s spirit animal might as well be a unicorn—breezy, mystical, and exuberant. A pastel rainbow brings with it all things balance, unity, and peace. Think baby blues, pinks, lavender and peach: gentle, soft colors to sooth your soul.

Scorpio: Red

Your energy and color may give people whiplash from its boldness and intensity. Dark reds and crimsons will bring out your sensual, creative, and deeply passionate energy.

Sagittarius: Blue

You’re incredibly perceptive and uplifting, so your color reflects this vision, focus, and projection. Purples and deep blues are associated with intuition and mental clarity.

Capricorn: Black

While most people consider black a heavy color, the darkness actually speaks to a power to absorb, soak up, and build upon your surroundings. You are a reflective, mature being, and black, charcoal, and deep browns can aid in your path to transformational growth.

Aquarius: Turquoise

The calming second where the blue sky of day kisses the yellow sun into darkness speaks to you, Aquarius. Those blues and yellows mix to make the most vibrant of greens, turquoises, and aquas, which can wash over you like a relaxing bath or splash of refreshing relief.

Pisces: Ocean Blue

Like the moon, you are intuitive, in sync with the tides, and connected to all things water. Naturally, you find the color of the waves—sea-foam greens and ocean blues—nothing but peaceful and cleansing.

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