We have to get to the bottom of it before we can get through it.

The January 11th Sun conjunct Pluto — with Sun in Capricorn as well as Pluto in Capricorn — will help us go deep into the issues from last year that are still lingering so we can make peace with our pasts and be inspired to move forward. For our zodiac signs, not only will this transit affect our love horoscopes, but it will bring us some kind of closure in our lives.

In astrology, the Sun represents ourselves, and Pluto is something being uncovered. Together, these two planets will help push something to the surface that we’ve buried so we can start to use the Capricornian energy and build towards the future that we want. A conjunction is really just a fancy term for meeting, which means that these two planetary bodies are going to be meeting up and spending some time together in the earth sign of Capricorn.

This is a fast-moving transit, but the energy will likely last until we see the Sun move into Aquarius season later in the month.  

January is always the time of the year when we want to start new projects, when we have fresh ideas and feel inspired to leave the past behind for good. However, what we often fail to realize is that we have to acknowledge the past to move on, and we need the past to build upon for our future.

Nothing can or should be erased in life; instead, it’s just the building blocks of destiny and the effort to want to do better. Everything in life serves a purpose. Even those painful moments that we thought we’d never recover from somehow end up helping us become the people we are meant to and lead the lives that are centered with our purpose.

For many of us, at the start of January we had hoped 2018 was behind us, both literally and figuratively. We thought we’d settled matters and were ready to move forward, but life is not a forward journey; it’s one that cycles around and keeps coming back to the same issues until we can bring enough healing to it to change patterns and cycles, and until we’ve learned enough to actually do better.

We began the year with good intentions that were slightly naïve because we don’t always get to choose the work that we are meant to do. In this case, there is something that many of us merely covered up from last year. Whether this is an issue having to do with our personal journey, career, finances, family or romance specifically, it will affect not only our relationships but also our ability to discern what is meant to be the past versus grow with us into the future.  

The Sun is our innermost self. In the best-case scenario it’s the identity that we shine to the world but one we also internalize. It’s the qualities that we not only preach but that we live.

However, in other cases, this innermost self is something that we hide or only show to certain people or in certain situations, which can cause us turmoil because we’re still holding back from being who we are.  

Pluto is the lord of the underworld. He controls all that which is below the surface or hidden from plain sight. This is not necessarily darkness but rather the unconscious, the subliminal, the unintentional, and it’s also that part of ourselves we are not willing to face. Pluto can be one to bring forth secrets, to make obvious that which we have tried to ignore or gloss over, but this planet can also show us the parts of ourselves that we have run from.  

Many times, one of the most difficult parts of life will be to own who we are, darkness, light, our dreams, fears, desires and goals. Not necessarily because we are ashamed of anything but because we were conditioned to think that they were wrong, and that we had to be someone different or act in a certain way in order to be loved and accepted.

A lot of things happened last year, and while many of us hoped to never hear the words Venus retrograde again, we’re still dealing with the aftermath. However, what we’re realizing more with time is that it’s not about what was stirred up within our romantic relationships; it’s not in the qualities or even arguments that we projected upon our partners, but rather, ourselves.

It’s about the parts of ourselves that we weren’t at peace with, that we were still denying, and that we can’t live our truth and uphold illusion at the same time.  

While the initial feelings were about our romantic relationships, so much so that many of us swore off certain relationships forever, we are now seeing that we were part of the issue. In order to leave our pasts behind, to learn, to become better, we must accept ourselves as we are.

We must forgive ourselves, love ourselves, have faith in ourselves — not because we’re not worthy of another feeling that way about us, but because we need to be whole on our own. We need to full own our truth before we can expect anyone else to.  

In Capricorn, the Sun and Pluto will meet up one more time to help show us what we’ve been trying to deny, what we need to accept, bring healing to so we can leave certain things in the past. This time it’s not about ending any relationship other than the one that we have with ourselves that keeps holding us back from living the life of our dreams.

Together, these two planets will help us leave those thought patterns in the past for good — the ones that tell us we’re not good enough, that we need to live a certain way, or that we’ve ruined our chance at happiness. Because the only way to leave the past behind is to get to the bottom of why we made the choices we did and to forgive ourselves for not doing better. 

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