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Jupiter stays with you until the beginning of December 2019, and as a leading planet, you must expect an abundance that is even higher than last year. Make sure you pay it all year long by donating your time or resources to those who need it to meet “The Great Law.” Click here to Find Out Sagittarius Man Secrets


A solar eclipse near your birthday in early January will make you look at yourself with a new perspective. Here is a chance to practice the law of humility, where you will accept the true reality of something. Maybe you sold yourself in the open – you have more impact than you think in the life of a loved one. Click here to Find Out Capricorn Man Secrets


In January, June and September, problem squares between Jupiter and Neptune could mean that your community will misinterpret your intentions because of your habit of being insular. But do not worry. as long as you continue to reach out to your relationships, these bonds will strengthen you and strengthen your karmic energy. Click here to Find Out Aquarius Man Secrets


You are looking forward to your future, but a new moon as you approach your birthday in 2019 will take you back to the present. In Buddhist karma, this is called the law of the here and now. Practice mindfulness and enjoy the gifts you’ll have by next March. Click here to Find Out Pisces Man Secrets


The planet in power, Mars, enters Aries on New Year’s Eve and begins the new year with passion and wit. And when Mars joins Uranus in your sign in February, you’ll want a new adventure. Just as karma dictates, we must be agents of change in our own lives. Follow your instincts and reshape the parts of your life that have become obsolete. Click here to Find Out Aries Man Secrets


The generous Jupiter and Neptune, the planet of inspiration, will compete in January, June and September 2019. These places will give a tone to the Taurus who works hard to achieve its goals. With your patience and tenacity, this perseverance will be rewarded by the third planetary square of September.  Taurus Man Secrets: Put That Hot Taurus Man Under Your Spell


Gemini is facing its biggest karmic test when Mercury retrogrades in early 2019. You may be tempted to think of the selfish rewards that flow from your current plans and lose sight of your mission. If you survive this error of judgment, you will be even stronger. Click here to Find Out Gemini Man Secrets


Fervent Mars is nestling in your sign in mid-May 2019, inspiring your enthusiasm for engaging with your community. Follow this track! It is the karmic universe that drives you to give back. Your generosity to your friends, family, and strangers will be a reward in itself. Click here to Find Out Cancer Man Secrets


Saturn, the planet of structure and commitment, will continue to move throughout the year through your 7th Partnership House. This will help you recognize the toxic relationships that influence you. You can politely stand out from people who act without thinking of you. this space will benefit both of you and help you refocus on your individual positive energies. Click here to Find Out Leo Man Secrets


Saturn’s link with Neptune in 2019 will highlight your discipline sector, exposing your connection between “belief” and “practice.” Especially in January, June and November, the Saturn movement will highlight your willingness to put into practice what you preach. Click here to Find Out Virgo Man Secrets


In 2019, Uranus finally left your sector after seven years – which was particularly difficult with Jupiter in his trine. But as chaotic as it may seem, the karmic law suggests that the universe does not belong to us to change or reshape; the self is the vehicle by which we impact the world around us. And as a sign of balance, Libra is particularly well equipped to prioritize what is important this year. Click here to Find Out Libra Man Secrets


Scorpions have a great personal magnetism and as a result, you may have experienced second-hand negative karmic energy in 2018. Anxiety could have darkened your vision, despite your diligence and good intentions. This will change in 2019, especially after the passage of the Jupiter-Neptune trine in January. Your charisma will naturally deter toxic energy once again, allowing positive karma to find you again. Click here to Find Out Scorpio Man Secrets

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