In the world of astrology, there are few things more intriguing than love interests and compatibility. We’ve all done it – checking the back page of the paper for the daily horoscope, complete with love interests and lucky numbers. But, what if you had a sort of insight into the the nicest, and shadiest signs? Here, we look at the zodiac signs most likely to break your heart, from most to least.

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Zodiac Heartbreak. Heartbreak is a terrible thing to go through. What if we could minimize the chances of heartbreak by learning who to avoid astrologically? Would you dare to find out who is bad in bed?

The Signs. We first have to know the signs. Astrology divides us all in to 12 different personality types, based on the position of the stars at the time of our birth. The dates for each are listed above, if you’re one of the few who have had their head in the sand your entire life and have never looked this up.

Sagittarius. The worst of the worst is Sagittarius. According to research, these are the selfish bunch of the group, always looking to put their own needs ahead of others.
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Aquarius. The Aquarian soul is one so oblivious to you and your needs that they will literally break your heart right in front of you. They are the free spirits of the zodiac and love to flirt.
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Gemini. These guys will hurt you with baffling speed. One minute you’re madly in love and they’re showering you with compliments, the next they cut all ties seemingly with no notice. They’ll forget you quicker than you can say ouch.
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Pisces. Pisces has the reputation of being the sweet ones of the group, but that demeanor is short-lived. They have a sort of dual nature usually reserved for Geminis that will turn to a very dark and scary side once they have decided you’re no longer worth their time.
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Leo. Lions and Lionesses are proud creatures. If they feel the end has come, they will do everything in their power to make you understand it was YOU, not them.
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Taurus. I would almost be tempted to put this one at the top of the list, but researchers disagree. Beware, though, the bull can be sweet, but will stab you in the back with icy precision once ties are cut.
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Aries. The fault in an Aries isn’t necessarily in the way they love, as much as it is the speed. Their worst habit is falling head over heels with a reeling quickness. This most often leads them to make many mistakes and profess love that wasn’t really there.
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Capricorn. The Capricorn personality is pleasant enough as long as your interests are their interests. They can be great lovers, if you happen to agree with what they want. Just don’t ask them to compromise.
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Scorpio. The scorpio loves with great intensity and passion. They have a tendency to throw themselves into the heat of the moment without a care to the wind. As long as you’re there with them, all should be good. If you hurt them, watch out for that famed scorpio tail. They will sling mud with the best of them and cause a world of hurt.
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Virgo. Virgos don’t ever intend to be hurtful. Their very nature strives for perfection and harmony. Unfortunately, this leads them to direct quite a bit of unknowing criticism in their pursuit of perfectionism, so be prepared for that microscope and the exposure it will cause.
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Libra. Libra is all about balance and fairness. Their symbol is the scales, and for good reason. They focus on justice and being fair to all parties, so hurting another is usually outside of their scope of purpose. However, if you manage to hurt them, those scales will dip out of your favor and the backlash will be painful.
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Cancer. Your safest bet in the zodiac world is to meet a Cancer. Cancers are the mothers and fathers of the bunch. They are the caregivers and the confidants. They want nothing more than to love and protect everyone. The only way to fall out of favor with a Cancer, is to treat others poorly, particularly their close friends and family.
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World’s Greatest Lovers. Well, there you have it. The best and worst lovers of the zodiac. I will now have to go apologize to my husband for my Gemini ways. How did your sign measure up?

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