It’s that time of year again! Time to dust off the capes and bunny tails, kitten ears and leather studs, and head out to favorite Halloween party haunts. We’ve scoured the internet for you and came up with some of the hottest trends for curvy temptresses this season. Take a look at what we LOVE!

Marvel Girl. There is an awesome super hero trend this year. Marvel Girl is one of our favorites for its simplistic but downright s*xy nature.

Velma. This one is just plain genius, probably literally. Velma brings some mystery to your Halloween fun!

Ursula. Of course, not everyone has to be a super hero. Sometimes it’s fun to be the bad guy – er – lady… octopus? We’re not sure, but it’s definitely hot and curvaceous!

Mermaid. Following along the aquatic theme, mermaids are simple, yet s*xy. We love the conversion of the bustier and old bridesmaid dress into a fantastic mermaid costume!

Minnie. Speaking of bustiers, here’s another example of a creative conversion for an at-home rendition of a Disney classic!

Maleficent. Another Disney bad girl makes our list this season. Maleficent is the bad girl we love to hate, but is an easy costume if you want to skip the hairdo!

Showgirl. In a nod to Vegas, you can never go wrong with the classic showgirl costume. Lots of feathers and glitter bring some glamour back in a dark time.

Poison Ivy. More bad girls top our faves. Poison Ivy is an easy look to achieve with some artificial greenery and some s*xy black and green favorites from your closet.

Jessica Rabbit. Iconic and infamously s*xy is the Jessica Rabbit look. Who wouldn’t want that? S*xy red gown with thigh-high slit, purple satin gloves, and a long red wig should do the trick. Va-va-voom!

Mad Hatter. Another beloved story, who says the Mad Hatter has to be a man? We love this s*xy twist on a classic!

Storm. S*xy as h***, is all we can say about this one! While it requires some special contacts to complete the look, the rest is probably a simple find in your closet, so we love this one for its s*xy simplicity too!

Harley Quinn. A hot trend this season is the Harley Quinn look, and it’s easy to see why. A little bit crazy, a little bit dangerous, and a whole lot of fun.

Scarecrow. This one wins the adorable award. It’s another easy to accomplish look from home. Bibs and flannels have both been in the trends in recent years, so many of us probably have them in our closets already. Add a little straw and some makeup and you’ve got a seriously cute look.

Maestro. This has got to be the s*xiest maestro we’ve ever seen. We’re pretty sure if all maestros looked like this, orchestra concert attendance would be sold out years in advance. Wowzer!

Happy Halloween! Whatever your tastes may be – good girl, naughty temptress, or family-fun momma, you’ll find lots of looks to meet your tastes this season! Happy costuming!

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