A new study has found that increasing numbers of well-educated women feel like they’re being forced to “dumb down” when it comes to their search for *the one*, Metro reports. Depressing, right? Read on below to find out more.

Highly educated women are… The study’s results are surprising, to say the least. Previously, highly educated gals tended to remain single and unattached. But today, it seems like the situation has apparently reversed. Interesting.

Highly educated women are… Coordinated by the University of Leuven, Belgium, the research looked at dating from 28 European countries. The researchers discovered that one man in five is in a relationship with a more highly educated woman, Metro reports.

Highly educated women are… The study found that on average, about 75 percent of women have at least a medium-level of education. In comparison, about 31 percent of men can say the same. (Catch up, boys!)

Highly educated women are…“Highly educated women tend to react to the reversed gender gap in education by partnering down, while low-educated men, rather than partnering up, tend to stay single more often,” the researchers concluded. Well, that’s certainly something all women should think about.

Highly educated women are… That said, the study got us here at Rebel thinking: What’s dating like for smart women? Do they find that men are more likely to date them because of their intelligence or are dudes intimidated by it? Naturally, we turned to Reddit for some answers.

User “whoop_there_she_is.” “I find that guys who like my intelligence also have this innate desire to prove me wrong. Like, they’ll compliment me on my knowledge of something, and then start telling me all about why I’m wrong; they’re complimenting me, but they’re also complimenting themselves by trying to argue mute points with silly rebuttals. If I prove them wrong factually, even if they cede my points, it’s like they never quite believe me. That’s why I don’t date guys who find my intelligence alluring any more; I choose to look for guys who find other aspects of my personality attractive instead.”

User “iconocast.” “When I hold the same views as them, or have the same ideas, being called ‘intelligent’ is high praise and attractive. If I don’t agree with them or hold different views/ideas, it seems to be a deterrent.”

User “angrylittlelolita.” “I once dated an older man who told me ‘you’re so smart for your age!’ And continued to compliment me on how I wasn’t ‘like other women.’ rolls eyes. I find the men who suck are the ones affected negatively by it, and the ones who are worthwhile are the ones who learn from me or contribute to that intelligence.”

User “fetishiste.” “I’ve never had anyone I would want to date find my intelligence intimidating – it’s always been an attractive feature.”

Anonymous. “Guys who want to get away with sh*tty behaviour don’t like intelligent women. Men who prefer to be on an equal footing find intelligence interesting. That’s my observation anyway. Interestingly, some men will say they like intelligent women but if you don’t agree with everything they say? Suddenly they aren’t as fond of you.”

User “jonesie1988.” “a little bit of both. In my experience, like anything else intelligence is just one part of why I’m attractive. It’s a tick in the positives column but it’s not the reason they date me.”

User “Choixpeau.” “I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered anyone who was intimidated by my intelligence. But if I did, I can’t see how we’d get as far as dating.”

User “reagan92.” “In my experience, I’m not sure it registers with guys I interact with that I’m intelligent unless I agree with them. But no. My intelligence hasn’t had a negative affect on my romantic relationships.”

User “60g4496.” “In almost every case I find that men find intelligence attractive. No one wants someone who can’t contribute to a conversation and convey him/herself well.”

Highly educated women are… What are your thoughts on the matter? How have you found trying to date as an intelligent woman? Sound off in the comments section and tell all!

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