You might think that if you want to communicate with a man, you should sit down and have a conversation with him, but you would be completely and utterly wrong if he happens to be a certain zodiac sign.  Ladies, gents, let’s face it.  Nothing can clear a man out of a room faster than saying “we need to talk” (except for trying to get him to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey with you, which doesn’t even make sense, because that show is obviously hilarious, table-flipping fun, and he would probably love it if he were to actually give it a chance).  Anyway, here is a little insight into how men communicate based on their zodiac sign and a whole lot of relationship expertise from yours truly.

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Aries. Aries men are a horrible place to start off with, because they pretty much don’t have feelings. Gay, straight, doesn’t matter. Aries guys basically have two moods: good and bad, and generally speaking, they’re in a good mood. If you try to force an Aries to communicate, don’t be surprised if he resists like a cat in water. They’re not touchy-feely guys. They like steak and Playstation, and once in awhile the occasional cat meme.
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Taurus. If you want to get a Taurean man to talk about his feelings, you’re barking up the wrong tree. They’re good listeners and will sit there and hear what you have to say about how YOU feel, but they’re not big on sharing. They don’t do it to be d**ks, it’s just in their nature to be very private about their emotions. Unlike you, you emotional slut.
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Gemini. If you’re dating or married to a Gemini, you know that they’re all basically unmedicated paranoid schizophrenics to begin with, so getting them to talk about their feelings is a gamble. They tend to have two major sides to their personality, and one side is all about the feelings, and if you get him talking, you might not be able to get him to shut up, and we cannot legally encourage you to smother your guy with a pillow, no matter how tempting it is. The bottom line is if you make a Gemini talk, he’ll do it, and he’ll teach you a lesson so that you never sit him down for a long conversation ever again.
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Cancer. Go ahead, try to get a Cancer to even acknowledge that he has feelings in the first place, let alone getting him to actually discuss them. He will try to distract you. With his penis, with magic tricks, whatever it takes.
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Leo. If you get a Leo on the right day and strike up a conversation on a sensitive enough topic, they’ll spill their guts. They’re emotional men, and they’re in touch with those emotions. So, in other words, you run the risk of making your guy cry, and then you’re going to feel bad, like the terrible person you truly are. Just kidding. Sort of.
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Virgo. Virgo men are sensitive af, and they’re ready to let you know. In fact, they may be the one to initiate whatever state of the union type conversation you’re having, so be prepared. They’re smart, they’re verbal, and they’re ready to talk, so make sure you know where you stand on things as well. If he starts talking too much, you can try to distract him, but be aware that he will probably know exactly what you’re doing, you shady bit**.
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Libra. Not to generalize all Libra men, but they are all exactly the same and we’re going to lump them all in the same category here. They all think like engineers. They analyze, over-analyze, play devil’s advocate, but they value their logical mind over their emotional bind. What this means is that they’re not always in touch with their feelings because they’re too busy playing with their pocket protector and thinking about World of Warcraft.
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Scorpio. If you try to sit a Scorpio man down so that you can sort out what’s what, you’re probably going to wind up having s*x and accomplishing nothing. They’re suave, they’re passionate, and they don’t like talking about their feelings. They also don’t have feelings, so there’s that.
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Sagittarius. Sagittarian men are on the ball when it comes to communicating, their emotions and being in tune with your wants and needs as well. You made a good choice as far as talking things out. Way to go, Sagittarians.
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Capricorn. Listen carefully — it’s never, ever worth it to go there with a Capricorn. They have to be right. That’s it. And if it’s not even an argument, it will turn into one. Don’t waste your time; you’ll just wind up banging your head against the wall. They’re smart, they’re stubborn, and they’re going to win. If you’re planning on dating a Capricorn then you should know the Brutally Honest Secrets things about Capricorn.

Aquarius. They hate confrontations, so be aware of that when you approach him whenever you want to have a serious conversation. If he starts to get defensive, try not to personally attack him or threaten to throw his iPhone out the window.
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Pisces. They’re emotional rollercoasters. They’re easily upset, but at the same time, they calm down quickly and won’t hold a grudge. Things can get heated fast, and can calm back down even faster. Whiplash.
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