Looking to make that special someone even more special?  Or are you trying to make sure that they know you like them?  Well, thanks to science, there are a slew of ways to make someone fall head over heels for you.  Here are 15 magnificent tips to make that certain someone in your life fall in love with you!

Keep eye contact. Maintaining eye contact is surprisingly difficult, but it has its benefits. Couples who are in love look at each other while they are talking 75 of the time, according to a study by Harvard psychologist Zick Rubin. So while it may be tempting to nervously look away when you’re talking to your crush, try not to. Resist the urge — we know you can do it!

Listen to them. Being a good listening is a huge part of having someone fall head over heals for you, according to studies by the University of Nevada and the University of Washington. Not only is it polite to show interest in what someone is saying, it also allows them to fall in love with you easier. Asking follow-up questions, or simply being interested in what they’re telling you, is a great way to show that you’re interested in them.

Don’t make it about you too often. When you’re done listening to the person you’re hoping will fall for you, don’t respond with something that is solely about you. Obviously you can every once in a while, when the conversation is in a lull, but don’t just always make it about you. Try to relate! People love it when other people take an interest in them.

Adding onto that, intimacy increases between people who look away less. This is how intense, engaging conversations occur between those with chemistry between them. Intimacy (through eye contact) + Chemistry = Love!

Be sure to validate them. Having someone praise you or make you feel amazing is always a wonderful, wonderful feeling. Do that for this person by validating their existence. Do you like their work? Tell them! Do you like their sense of humor? Tell them!

48% of failed couples cited a lack of appreciation at home or in the relationship. Don’t be on the wrong side of being in a relationship. If it fails, don’t let the reason be because you didn’t care enough when you actually did.

Smile! According to a study at Drake University, smiling is a key to making someone fall in love with you. Although it seems simple, like most of these points, smiling absolutely increases how attractive you are and how engaged you are with the person. It’s a great way to show you’re listening, appreciate what they’re saying, and validate them all at the same time.

Touch them! Obviously you shouldn’t touch someone unless they want to be touched, but a Harvard study concluded that touching leads to overall more satisfaction in a relationship. Something as simple as holding hands, grazing knees, or playing footsie can provide you with some great love.

Embrace their passion. What do they spend most of their time doing? Learn to love it, or at least learn about it so they see you’re interested in it. Whether the person is into DJing or knitting, be sure to genuinely care about their biggest interest!

Be interested in what they’re interested in. It sounds incredibly obvious, but you should be interested in whatever their favorite band is, or favorite place to eat. This isn’t as integral as the movies make it seem (just because you both like The Smiths doesn’t mean you should fall in love), but it certainly helps.

Willingness to commit. No one wants to fall for someone who isn’t even texting back. If you’re not ready to get into a relationship, they won’t be ready to fall in love with you.

Open up your schedule. There’s nothing more validating than someone clearing their calendar for you. Figuring out the perfect date is hard enough, so don’t make it worse by stalling the first step.

Arouse them. You can smile all you want, and you can listen all the time, but eventually some seductiveness has to come into play. Flirting is fun!

If you like them, show them. One of the most frustrating and scariest things about any relationship is wondering if the other person even likes you. Don’t make that crucial part last too long and let them know you like them quick!

Let the mystery be. As much as we just told you to tell them how you feel when you feel it, also implement some mystery. Don’t flood them with a ton of information about yourself — slowly reveal it instead. There’s a time to tell your crush about your childhood, but not all at once.

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