Some people walk through life like it’s giant rainbow.  They look on the bright side of everything, they see beauty in even the most miserable of times and they’ve always got hope.  You, on the other hand, are not that person.  Instead of a rainbow, you’ve got a raincloud.  You’ve got a dark soul that washes out all of that cheeriness in favor of something grim and sometimes haunting — and that’s exactly the way you like it.  Keep reading to find out how dark your soul, based on your Zodiac.

Aries. You don’t have time for a dark soul, to be perfectly honest. You’re way too mentally rambunctious for that crap. Even if your soul was dark, it’d be the kind of dark that kind of scares you, but also gets your blood pumping. So, in a way, your soul is kind of like a Halloween fun house kind of dark.

Taurus. Your soul is black, but no one ever hangs around long enough to truly know this. The only people who understand the darkness of your soul are the people you’ve already scared away for being too possessive.

Gemini. You rock a dark shade of grey in your soul. You can be dark when it counts, but for the most part, you’re better at adapting to new situations and shifting around to whatever situation suits you best.

Cancer. Your soul is dark, but it’s more of a dark shade of blue. Instead of soaking in misery all the time, you soak in your emotions — and those emotions run deep. Not that you needed someone to explain that to you…

Leo. Sorry to disappoint, but your soul isn’t particularly dark. You’re too caring to have a dark soul, and your heart is too big. If you want to pretend and tell people your soul is darker than it really is, go ahead. But you know just as well as anyone that you’ll just end up feeling guilty about that lie…

Virgo. Your soul is too efficient to be dark. You’re moving around so much and getting so much done that it’s only natural that it picks up light beams left and right. Anyways, you don’t want to have a dark soul. You’re busy and you don’t have time for that sort of sh*t.

Libra. Your soul isn’t dark — it’s black and white. It’s this and then it’s that. The color of your soul is dependant on what day of the week it is, because sometimes you’re the happiest b*tch on the black, and sometimes you could rip someone’s face off with your eyes. It just depends.

Scorpio. Your soul is essentially vantablack — the darkest black that could possibly exist. If you’re surprised by this, then you’re clearly not a Scorpio. Or you’re just doused in so much vantablackness that you simply can’t see it (hence the surprise).

Sagittarius. If your soul was dark, it’d be the brightest part of shade, which is essentially just light… Because, let’s face it, your soul isn’t dark. You may try to convey your dark soul when the opportunity arises, but it never does, so you never do.

Capricorn. Your soul is dark with an added layer of dark just for fun. That’s right — fun. You get off on your darkness, and it pleases you in a morbidly amusing sort of way to see people weakened by your borderline evil aura.

Aquarius. Don’t worry, your soul isn’t dark. You’re an Aquarius — you enjoy the simpler and happier things in life. Sure, some people seem to get off on having dark souls, but you’re much happier with a brighter outlook. So to answer the question: How dark is your soul? All we can say is a rousing “move along.”

Pisces. You drift in and out of your mildly dark soul in the same way you drift in and out of your imagination. If your soul is particularly dark on any given day, it’s likely because that’s where your imagination is — and that’s OK. That’s the beauty of being imaginative; it can delve in darkness occasionally.

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