When you meet and fall in love with your twin flame, it’s not like any other kind of relationship.  It’s something unique that a lot of people sadly don’t get to experience.  However, if you find yourself in such a relationship, there are stages you should anticipate.  There are things that will happen that other couples will never know. Perhaps, never even experience.  So, if you’re embarking on this type of love journey, you know what you’re in for.  It definitely doesn’t hurt knowing what to look forward to.  Keep reading to discover the specific stages you’ll experience if you’re dating your twin flame.

A love life’s journey. Some people go their whole lives without finding the perfect lover. They look far and wide, but this certain person evades them. Blame it on bad luck or twisted fate, but these relationships don’t always work themselves out. However, an unhappy ending isn’t always the case, and sometimes the stars align and people get lucky.

Twin flame. So, what exactly is a twin flame? It’s a term that’s coined a few other names, but it refers to someone who you connect with on such a level that it seems as though the universe has physically pulled you together. It’s as though you and this person are twins of each other in many respects, mirroring each other to such a point that you seem made for this person.

The stages of a twin flame relationship. When you find yourself in one of these relationships, you experience some unique relationship stages that other couples are rarely familiar with. According to PowerOfPositivity.com, there are various stages that you should expect — stages unique only to twin flames.

The reality of your situation. When you’re dating your twin flame, romantic comedies suddenly don’t seem ridiculous. You’re no longer rolling your eyes at any love story that’s ever starred Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock or the like. You start to realize that these may be heightened versions of reality, but they’re not bullsh*t. Not necessarily.

A rare kind of reflection. Some people “fall in love,” but it’s never quite as pure as it is for others. For twin flames, it’s different. You’re not just seeing them when you look at them, you’re seeing yourself. You’re experiencing a rare kind of reflection that reveals so much of yourself by revealing so much of them.

The dark with the light. The thing about true love isn’t perfection, it’s the ability to deal with the imperfections that life will constantly hurl at you. So, when you see these reflections of yourself in them, you’re seeing the bad just as much as you’re seeing the good. This is good, though. It helps you observe your flaws and weaknesses so that you can confront them and deal with them.

Giving in. When you’re in a relationship with your twin flame, you start to let go of yourself a bit. Twin flame couples tend to surrender themselves to each other, crafting a unique and very new sort of balance. It can be difficult to perfect, but it’s possible, and the people who let this natural progression happen tend to have the best romantic experiences.

Partners in crime. Twin flame lovers are truly partners in crime. They see the same sorts of challenges, and they confront them together, usually affected in the exact (if not close to the exact) same ways. It’s scary at times, but exciting at the same time. You have to be willing to let go of some parts of yourself to embrace this.

Your lives up to this point… Seeing as twin flames sort of have mirrored souls, they tend to also have mirrored emotional experiences throughout life. So, once you finally end up with this person, there’s a level of empathy involved between the two of you that is of an incredibly rare form. You understand your partner on a rare level, and they understand you.

A strange sort of overwhelmingness. If you’ve been in love, then you know it’s not all sunshine and daisies. In fact, it can be downright scary at times. With this being the case, especially when you’re dating your twin flame, where emotions are on a level other people have never experienced, it can be overwhelming to the point that you’re not sure you can handle it.

Surfacing. When you’re truly in love, the relationship has the power to bring to light not just the good, but the bad. All of your demons surface. All of your skeletons break free from the closet. Some people can’t deal with this, which is why some twin flame relationships don’t work. They want some safe, not necessarily as pure as they assumed they wanted.

Constantly falling. There are plenty of jaded individuals out there who have taken one too many shots to the heart from Cupid’s bow. However, when you’ve found your twin flame, don’t expect that high to subside — not for the long term, at least. When you’re dating your twin flame, you’re constantly falling in love, and it’s a shared experience.

The challenges. Some relationships fail because there’s no challenge. The only challenges are made up by themselves and only exist to fill in the voids where natural challenges are meant to present themselves on their own. For twin flames, though, the challenges are shared, so they grow organically, and it encourages (even forces) couples to constantly challenge each other so that they can grow together.

Avoidance. Other kinds of couples either create challenges out of thin air or do their best to avoid challenges altogether. While you don’t have to be dating a twin flame in order for you to be able to overcome challenges together, twin flames have the benefit of truly being on the same page because the challenges they’re facing are so similar.

Synchronized. When you’ve truly learned how to live with your twin flame, it’s as though all the cogs in the machine have started working seamlessly with other. The hinges have been greased, the gears have found their balance. Before long, you’re synchronized with this person, and suddenly the idea of being “one” with someone doesn’t seem so fantastical.

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