Society is constantly putting pressure on women to be in relationships, and to want to eventually start a family. However, not all women want to be with someone. A lot of women chose to be single so that they can focus on their careers and themselves. Others are single because they simply have bad luck when it comes to dating. Regardless of the reason, there’s nothing wrong with being single, and more women should embrace it. Here, 15 women took to Reddit to open up about why they’re still single.

User MLR22. “It’s better for me to be single until I have a guy in my life who makes me feel happier being with him than I feel when I’m single. Currently, I don’t have a guy like that in my life, so I’m single.”

User bmichellecat. “Not knowing myself completely yet. I’m young (21) I haven’t experienced life yet. I’d like to get to know more about myself and love myself a little more before I can expect someone else to.”

User notovertonight. “What is keeping me? Men aren’t attracted enough to me to want to date me. I would love to be in a relationship, but it’s just not in the cards for me I guess.”

User pudgewazowski. “I don’t want to be in one. I’m infinitely happier and live a much richer, more fulfilling life when I’m single. (Even when I’m in a “good” relationship) Some people actually prefer not having a partner.”

User fwmyself. “I don’t think any of the guys interested in me are worth me. It’s conceited but I don’t want a quick boyfriend to just f**k, I want a deep and meaningful connection. I’d rather wait years than waste my time, emotions, and effort on someone who doesn’t deserve me.”

User tc88. “Social anxiety mostly, but I’ve never been in one or asked anyone out. I’m not particularly interested in having a romantic relationship with anyone, but I wouldn’t even know how to go about it if I were.”

User Ninamaroo. “I got the ugly. For real, I am overweight and not very confident around guys I find attractive/interesting. Working on the weight, and trying to put myself out there more. At this point in my life I know I am okay being single, however it is hard sometimes not to feel lonely, especially when all my friends are in good relationships.”

User AtilaMann. “Intimacy and self-esteem issues that originated from certain events from my childhood. The good news is I’m loving being able to focus on myself right now! Working on my hobbies, saving for future goals, learning new things… I’m enjoying the opportunity of rediscovering myself by myself. I’ve finally internalized that my worth isn’t measured by my relationship status and that is such a freeing realization.”

User MuchWittering. “I can’t work on the timescales of internet dating, meeting new people organically doesn’t happen that often, and I’m not sufficiently fussed about it to deal with all the aggravation involved.”

User mosselyn. “I find that I am much happier alone than when I give someone else power over my happiness. There may be fewer highs, but there are far fewer lows. Peace and content rather than Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Not to mention, I like the freedom of doing only what I want when I want to do it.”

User Lifesabit. “Fear of getting my heart broken again, and just not being at a good place in my life to be dating right now. I have very low self-esteem and lingering feelings after my last relationship, and I don’t think it’s fair to ask someone to go all in with you when you’re not capable of that yourself right now.”

User iLikeTacosAndTequila. “I’m 24 and never been in a relationship or on a date. Part of it is low self esteem along with depression and anxiety. I never wanted someone else to have to deal with that with me. Right now I just don’t want a relationship and am working on myself first.”

User fifthchevron. “Nothing keeps me from it. I could settle for someone I feel nothing for tomorrow if I wanted. I don’t want that. I want real sparks and chemistry, I want to feel crazy about them. I haven’t had that and until I do, I don’t even really think about being single or dating. It’s not a priority and I do really like my personal space too.”

User knight_ofdoriath. “Honestly, I have no desire to date. I feel like I should but I would prefer to hang out with a group of friends than try dealing with the crap that goes with dating. Maybe I’ll become friends with someone and something will click but I’m just fine on my own. I would probably cry if I tried to do something like Tinder or OKCupid.”

User bi_girldatingwoes. “I keep getting ghosted by people I’m interested in. Hard to be in a relationship with someone who disappears just when I’ve gone on enough dates with them to feel comfortable asking for exclusivity.”

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