Certain zodiac signs are known for being some of the most aggressive people around (we’re looking at you, Scorpio.) But little do people know, that there are some lesser known signs that can also be just as mean, if not more. The only difference is, they’re better at hiding it. As a result, you tend to get burned without warning. So here, 15 people on Reddit talk about which zodiac signs have hurt them the most. Can you relate to any of them?

Pisces. “Pisces: seemed sweet at first then she turned into a total devil, lol. I’m a Taurus guy; they sure know to sting you at the right place and time,” says Reddit user idkwattodowithlife.

Pisces. “Pisces: They don’t take blame for anything. Constantly f****** up in relationships because they do careless things. They’re the type to treat you terribly to look good in front of their friends because they care too much about how they look to them. As a Scorpio I just constantly yell at them in relationships because I don’t get why they keep doing dumb things if they supposedly like me??” says Reddit user moonlightbb .

Leo. “Leo. Will dominate you completely, do so with a smile on its’ face, and remain completely and totally oblivious to what it is doing, the level of grinding, soul destroying misery that it is causing you, or even the basic idea that you’re actually a seperate individual with needs of your own. Leo just sees everyone as extensions of its’ own ego,” says Reddit user petrus4.

Cancer. “Cancer. Emotions change at the drop of a hat. You never know what mood they’re gonna be when you get home. Defensive they’re never wrong. Passive aggressive. Immature. Over melodramatic,” says Reddit user vheart.

Taurus. “Tauruses always f*** me about and most Leos I know are totally self-obsessed and irritating, so I’d have to say them. Can’t really think of one that has outright devastated me,” says Reddit user EmpressofOrlais.

Virgos. ”Virgos can be super critical which definitely reads as “mean” to me sometimes, as well. also a pisces sun. that being said, all my best friends are virgos, but they all have soft signs as well (cancer moon, etc),” says Reddit user fernxquee.

Pisces. “Pisces is by far the worst. They will hurt you in horrible ways and then play the victim and make you feel bad for calling them out. They will deny everything and can do no wrong. They will mindf*** you and gaslight you and drive you crazy until you’re nothing but a confused emotional wreck. And the crazy part is, no matter what they did to you or how badly they hurt you, you’ll end up being the one feeling guilty,” says Reddit user PatronSaintOfChaos.

Taurus. “Taurus: the one sign that has consistently been a problem, both male and female. They are fun when you meet them and seem like great people, but will suddenly turn on you and sting you worse than a Scorpio. Backstabbing, hardheartedness, and just pure evil at times (the women especially). They will also pretend to borrow your belongings and never give them back. I really do adore the sign, and always give them the benefit of the doubt, but they always turn cold. How are you supposed to please them? It’s impossible,” says Reddit user celesttial .

Taurus. “Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer have screwed me over quite a bit honestly despite my quite limited interactions with them,” says Reddit user wispyRed.

Virgo. “I have yet to see a comment that said Virgo. For me, it’s Virgo. It’s not that Virgoan people are so harsh or awful, it’s more than they’re more mature about misconnections and always aim to hurt me in a more subtle way that cuts more deeply the more you care about them… I’ve always had a vulnerable soft spot for Virgo… they make me a little nervous but that makes me feel intense attraction,” says Reddit user amylsrg .

Sagittarius. “Sagittarius: I will never date a Sag man again. In fact I’ve had so many bad experiences, it’s very stupid? But I lose interest the minute I find out they’re Sag. The whole thing is a giant run around, they only come around when they want something. Expect things out of you that they aren’t willing to return. Apathetic. Self-interested. Tend to look down on their peers at times because they don’t actually take the time to get to know them and find out they are actually intellectually equal,” says Reddit user mia_papaya .

Aquarius. “Aquarius: Very aloof, will make plans and cancel until you give up and move on. Then they’ll see you in the street every so often and tell you they love you and are heartbroken, just to pull the same shit,” says Reddit user KingOfTheEverything.

Cancer. “Probably cancer even though I know their actions were just projections of insecurities… but I’m a Scorpio rising and although I’m mostly very understanding of people. I try to heal with my energy. But sometimes I get backed in a corner and my harsh words and cold moves can be cruel at best. It’s about self preservation,” says an anonymous Reddit user.

Aquarius. “As a Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, and Virgo mercury, the worst for me was an Aquarius. Constantly changing from flirting with other people right in front of you, knowing exactly what they’re doing, and then turning around and saying that they love you and that they would never hurt you and whatnot,” says Reddit user GageReallyWantsF4.

Aquarius. “Aquarius: arrogant. Expects you to be a mind reader, then gets angry when you don’t comfort them in the exact way they imagined. Always thinks they’re right. A robot,” says Reddit user scehood .

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