Been solo for quite some time now? Then honestly ask yourself this: Exactly why are you choosing to stay single? And are you actually “choosing”? Recently, people on Reddit opened up about their decision to stay out of a relationship. Here, we highlight what they had to say.

User “Dblue236.” “I legitimately enjoy being alone. After I’ve worked all day, I just want to come home and be left alone. Being single, I can do what I want, when I want. No compromise necessary.”

User “Aecht.” “I just can’t force myself to care about other people’s opinions right now.”

User “OMadon1138.” “I don’t like having someone to answer to. I do what I want when I want how I want to do it.”

User “Bone_Kanye2020.” “It’s inside of my zone of comfort.”

User “ArtOfFailure.” “After my last relationship, which was quite chaotic, I chose to steer clear of the whole idea of relationships while I was working on my PhD. Now I’ve finished that, being single isn’t exactly my first choice, but I’m waaaay out of practice and need to build some of that confidence back up.”

User “Another_Solipsist.” “I’m good at being a friend. Pretty good, I think, and getting better still. But I am not good at being more than that. I have learned that through experience. I don’t have all the skills necessary to be in and sustain a successful relationship. So I just do what I can.”

User “IDontHuffPaint.” “Hahahahahahahahahagahaha ‘choose.’

I can have one night stands relatively easily but I have never had a girlfriend. If I just wanna have s*x with a girl I generally don’t care about her nearly as much so I’m not nervous but when I care about a girl I turn into a giant p*ssy who forgets everything social he ever learned.”

User “MITSF.” “Tbh, i am looking to expand my business and until the summer 2018 i will work 12 hours/day…a relationship will ruin all my work from the past 2 years…(29 yo male).”

User “I_Bathe_In_Bleach.” “I was single for years because I refused to ‘pursue’ a girl. Every time actively went about trying to date a girl, she’d end up just using me for a bunch of dates and then break up with me.

So I said, ‘I’ll be single until a girl makes the first move’. And so I was.”

User “Samsungfighter95.” “Cant get over my ex. Cant picture myself loving someone else the same so dont waste my time.”

user “Tortiesrock.” “Work, recovering from illness… You reach a point when you have been single for so much time that changing it looks like too much work. I rarely feel attracted to anybody now and my guess is that as times passes, I am going to worry much less.”

User “timoweic.” “It’s been 10 years now that I’ve been single.. It’s just become a habit at this point. part of my brain says I’m better off alone, because I’m not good enough to be happy, or with someone. Part if it is that I have no confidence in myself. its been 9ish years since I’ve had so much as a ‘friend’. So social anxiety has taken over, and I’m not sure how to maintain a conversation. If the chance arises I just get talked over by other people. So I’ve learned to stop talking, as no one listened. Now I vanish into the fog once again……”

User “turkishdelightbribe.” “I don’t trust anyone. I’m too busy to meet anyone outside of work, and i really don’t want to date someone from work ever (not that there’s an option, i just think it’s messy). i haven’t had many positive experiences when it comes to dating/crushes/intimacy in general. it always seems that the idea is often far more appealing than in practice. i’m also pretty picky. I’m not just dating anyone that’s remotely interested in me. everything just sort of adds up to being single. I don’t mind it; i’ve been without a significant other my entire life, and i’m still young. i’m not writing myself off for the rest of my life, but i’m also not holding my breath for anything. i’m not in a place in my life where a relationship would flourish. sure, if i met someone tomorrow that checks off a lot of my boxes (not a euphemism) i’m not going to say no. is it likely? hell nope.”

User “patriciankitten.” “Because I hate people and don’t trust anyone. I don’t like society or our culture. People just leave me feeling frustrated and annoyed. I choose to act distant and aloof. People love to latch on to your insecurities and vulnerabilities to put you down and make themselves feel superior. Everyone is just so toxic, hateful, and judgemental. This world, to me, just feels so cold, loveless, and depressing. Everyone expects everything from you but you some how don’t deserve anything. You just constantly get s**t on by everyone. Its all really pointless. I don’t need to be in a relationship or have friends to live my life. Being in a relationship won’t solve any of my problems either. They’ll still be there.”

User “BIessthefaII.” “I don’t think I’m fit for being in a relationship right now. I have a lot of other stuff on my plate, and my last relationship didn’t end well, so it is probably beat that I stay single. I’m only 20 and I’m not the most attractive person in the world, so I have plenty of time and it isn’t very hard to stay single.”

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