Some signs like to be surprised, others like to be seduced, but no matter what a person’s into, everyone has little things that instantly put them in the mood. Here are some little ways to get your man in the mood based on his zodiac sign.

Aries. A striptease. Aries need something exciting and new because when it comes to s*x, they need variety. So, a spur of the moment, out of the blue strip tease is just the surprise they need.

Taurus. A gentle but highly suggestive touch is enough to get the highly sensual Taurus man in the mood. A gentle upper thigh brush or soft lower back rub should do the trick.

Gemini. Gemini dig adventure when it comes to s*x. So, whispering something dirty in a room full of people is the perfect combo of naughty and adventurous to get them in the mood.

Cancer. Even the Cancer man is a softy when it comes to a romantic gesture. So, add a touch of s*xy to a romantic surprise and you’ve got him. Plan a surprise dinner, followed by a massage.

Leo. The Leo man is a passionate lover who is often fixated on making sure their performance is top notch. Make him feel desired with a s*xy compliment.

Virgo. Due to the Virgo’s shy nature, the easiest way to get them in the mood is by making the first move. It can be that easy.

Libra. A Libra can appreciate cleanliness and outward appearance. Getting done up for no reason is sometimes all it takes to get them going.

Scorpio. Surprise makeout session or bluntly telling him how much you want him will get this highly s*xual sign going. They like the abrupt, the passionate and the wild.

Sagittarius. The Sagittarius man may not be too adventurous in the sheets, but that doesn’t mean he’s predictable. In fact, a change in routine will put him in the mood. Inviting him in your shower, morning delights, and putting on p*rn out of nowhere are all easy options for breaking the routine.

Capricorn. Being a highly intelligent sign, the capricorn man likes to be intellectually stimulated. Sometimes turning a normal discussion dirty out of nowhere is enough to make him put down his book immediately.

Aquarius. Aquarius men are typically open when it comes to the bedroom, and they like to be introduced to new things. So, plan something new. To get him intrigued, try handcuffing his wrist and leading him to the bedroom.

Pisces. Take a photo of yourself in s*xy lingerie and send it to him. It doesn’t have to be overtly s*xual, just enough to get him thinking.

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