True love — how do you know when you’ve found it?  One s*xpert has revealed a technique that will prove whether or not you’re in love as a couple.  Unsurprisingly, it involves s*x.  Find out more below.

The technique. S*xologist Goedele Liekens has created a technique that will prove — or disprove — whether you are in love with your partner. The prominent “S*x Box” s*xpert revealed on TV what she calls a “test” to gauge just how intense your feelings are for your significant other. The first step? Adopting what is called the lotus position.

The position. The lotus position involves the woman mounting her male partner so that both bodies are facing each other. Liekens says that once long-term couples are properly set-up, they should then gaze into each other’s eyes. If “intense feelings” are present throughout the eye contact, then there will be “an awakening of the genitals,” the British outlet Metro reports. Yes, they actually called it “an awakening of the genitals.”

The show. “S*x Box” is a British TV series that centers upon the idea that couples will be more open to s*xually themed discussions after having performed the deed itself. Accordingly, the show features couples that have agreed to be filmed and get it on in a “s*x box.” During this time, the hosts — namely, Goedele Liekens and Steven Jones — discuss their relationship.

The show. After some time, the couple eventually emerges from the box. They then talk about s*x and their relationship with Liekens and Jones. Overall, the show believes that couples will be more likely to be closer after knockin’ boots and thus, be more likely to be honest and open when answering questions regarding s*x.

The experiment. To test out her technique, Goedele explained her theory to a couple featured on the show. Chris and Jojo tried the exercise out as a way to “slow down their s*x life” and “rediscover the art of slow, loving s*x,” Metro reports. Sounds normal enough, right? Right.

The experiment. On the show, Liekens explained to the couple that once in the lotus position, Jojo’s vag**al muscles should contract and “suck the pe**s in” without her needing to do, well, anything. Basically, if her vag**a turns into a sort of, um, vacuum, then their love is real. If not, it’s BS. All together now: WTF?!

The experiment. Liekens added that the movements which would follow for the couple — “no pumping, just intense contact” — would lead to an increased chance of them both reaching orgasm together. So, how did Chris and Jofo fare? How’d having s*x on national TV work out for these adventurers? Turns out, pretty well.

The experiment. Of the experience, the couple said there was a “tingling build up of energy” and that it was “surreal.” Though they admitted it took them some time to settle from feeling weird about the entire thing (we don’t blame them), both Chris and Jojo agreed that they shared their best lovemaking session yet. What’s more, they even shared an orgasm.

The experiment. Nevertheless, the couple enthusiastically said that the was “like nothing we have ever done before.” Maybe Liekens is onto something… Or maybe this is just TV. Either way, whether or not you want to try the technique out with your partner is entirely up to you. Still, we bet there are better ways to gauge how strong your relationship is.

Other s*x tips. Goedele Liekens has a bunch of other s*x tips for couples. The best secret to a healthy s*x life? According to her, the answer is communication. “By that I don’t just mean talking,” she explained on the show. “It’s also about learning to read your partner, to pay attention to non-verbal communication, like little movements and listening to their breathing going up and down, all those things.”

Other s*x tips. After encouraging people to communicate more, Goedele went on to assert that many couples are so non-communicative when it comes to talking about s*x that they often don’t know what their partner likes in-between the sheets. In some cases, Goedele said, people aren’t even sure they enjoy themselves in the bedroom.

Other s*x tips. On the show, she said: “I’m often surprised, talking to couples here, that they don’t communicate about their s*x life. They hardly seem to know what the other one likes and doesn’t like. Sometimes they don’t even know what they like themselves. If you want to have a great love life, you have to be able to talk about it.

More on Goedele Liekens. Born in 1963, Goedele Liekens is a Flemish psychologist and s*xologist. The former Miss Belgium studied psychology for seven years before going on to focus on s*xology, earning a degree from the Free University of Brussels in 1986. Liekens has made headlines in the past, namely in 2015 when she talked to 13 British teenagers about s*x and adult films.

Criticism. Unsurprisingly, Liekens and the show have come under attack — even if you don’t see what the couples are doing in the box, you still know what’s going down, and for some, just the thought of that is way too much to handle. In an article for The Guardian, Bridget Christie writes: “I like s*x as much as the next person, but [adult film] has monopolised s*x. Showing more s*x isn’t necessarily the answer, even if it is inside a box. Internet service providers need to do more to stop children seeing inappropriate content and we need to look at how we use s*x in advertising, and invest in proper s*x education.” She adds, “If we’ve got Channel 4 and Michael Gove telling us how to have s*x, then we’re better off not having it. Surely we all know what to do by now? We’ve been here for about 200,000 years. My own parents had nine children, without Channel 4 or the secretary of state for education breathing down their necks, giving them tips.”

Praise. Conversely, some have countered this criticism, stating that we live in an atmosphere that shames s*x and guilts those who desire it. In an op-ed for The Guardian, one writer says: “When it comes to s*x, one has to make informed decisions and also know one’s own boundaries. But there’s no way for one to do that unless one has the skills to do this. And that’s what S*x Box is all about. By having this conversation openly on television, we aim to empower people to start having these conversations with their partners, and to say without shame, or fear of judgment: ‘I don’t want this or I don’t enjoy that, but I would love to try this … if you wanted to?’ “

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