Ever think you attract the WRONG type of men? Well, you may be right, but it may not be your fault. Or you may be attracting opposing personalities that seem like a bad fit but might actually end up providing a nice balance. Keep reading to find out which one applies to you.

Aries. Aries women are dominating and confident in nature, and they tend to attract the opposite of themselves. The men they attract are those who rule with the head rather than the heart, which sometimes creates a good balance.

Taurus. Because Taurus are responsible are reliable, they attract men desperately looking for stability in their lives. However, because Taurus hate complications, this can create problems.

Gemini. Gemini women can be the life of the party, social butterfiles if you will, but they can also be serious and thoughtful depending on their mood. The kind of person they attract is typically someone who is as shifty as their moods. He’s hard to read; at first he seems new and exciting, but more often than not he can’t hold the Gemini woman’s interest.

Cancer. The Cancer woman attracts everyone she doesn’t want. She’s caring to a fault and almost mothering at times, and some men may take that the wrong way. She is constantly finding that the ones she friend-zoned are the ones who want her the most.

Leo. Leo women are mighty forces. The man who is attracted to a Leo woman is usually someone who admires and adores the woman almost as much as she does herself. However, if he becomes too invested too quickly, he will definitely turn the Leo woman off by being clingy.

Virgo. Virgo women are nurturers and because of this they attract the men looking to be fixed. They attract the men who come with issues and NEED them. They take care of them, and sometimes it can feel like a full-time job. Trying to avoid these men is one of the hardest dating tactics for Virgos.

Libra. You need balance in your life and you yourself are balanced. However, the men you attract will be the ones who balance their feelings and stand right in the middle between love and indifference.

Scorpio. You’re an independent woman who doesn’t need a man, because of this you attract the same type of men. You attract men who like their alone time just like you, which leads to an understanding.

Sagittarius. You are naturally explorative and you crave adventure. The guy who you attract will love you for that, but he will also want to tame you. He will want to tie you down in one place, as if settling your wandering heart is a sign of love.

Capricorn. Your life is very controlled, and responsibility drives you, but you attract lovable goofballs. Making you laugh can be a challenge, and they want to be the one to crack your tough exterior. If they are mature and funny it will work; if they’re unfocused and unclever, it WILL NOT.

Aquarius. You’re too kind. Players can sense an Aquarius woman’s natural desire to help a mile away and prey on it. Beware of narcissists and psychopaths because they can see you from a mile away.

Pisces. Pisces women attract louder personalities. You are thoughtful and artistic, but the men you attract are attention hogs, and you’ll find they serve you no purpose. You need someone to fulfill your emotional needs.

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