A full beard. A hairy chest. An unshaven a*s. Er. What? OK, with the exception of the last one, there’s no denying that hairy, rugged dudes are hot AF. But as it turns out, not only are  bushy guys nice to look at, they’er also better partners. Here’s why, according to science.

Why hairy men… Reason number one? They’re masculine AF— and that makes them appear more attractive. No, really: Research has found that 54 percent of women prefer a masculine man with facial hair over a clean-shaven dude, YourTango reports.

Why hairy men… We know what you’re thinking: But that’s subjective! And yes, you’re right. Still, if the majority of women can agree on something, well, let’s just say that we’re going to have to say they’re probably on to something…

Why hairy men… Reason number two hairy men are the best: They’re smart. Like, very smart. And as it turns out, there’s some legit science to this.

Why hairy men… According to YourTango, research has found that body hair is, in fact, connected to intelligence. What’s more, one study even discovered that the majority of members in Mensa, the biggest IQ society in the world, have thick body. Brains and looks? Yes, please.

Why hairy men… Reason number three? Hairy guys are funny as sh*t. Just think about it: Jason Mantzoukas, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogan… The list can go on and on and on.

Why hairy men… OK, sure. This reason isn’t exactly based around science. Nonetheless, it’s totally legit. We mean, just look at Zach Galifianakis… Exactly.

Why hairy men… Not only are hairy dudes hot, funny, and smart, however: They’re also into being charitable. (Not all, but many.) Enter Movember.

Why hairy men… What’s Movemeber, you say? If you’re not familiar with it, Movember is an annual event involving the growing of facial hair during the month of November. Its purpose? We’re glad you asked.

Why hairy men… The purpose of November is to raise awareness of men’s health issues, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. The foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health— and (most) hairy dudes participate in it every year. Pretty amazing stuff, right?

Why hairy men… Last, but certainly not least: Hairy guys are, for the most part, secure with themselves. As YourTango points out, a whopping 57 percent of millennial dudes “manscape.”

Why hairy men… Meaning, that, if you’re guy is a visibly hairy one, he’s probably confident AF. Why? Because he’s obviously secure in his own style — and looks — as he’s oh-so clearly going against the “manscaping” trends. F*ck yeah!

Body hair. While all this research is great and all, we here were still left wondering: How do women *really* feel about men’s body hair? And do they have a preference? Naturally, we turned to Reddit for some answers.

User “thumper5.” “The only body hair that actively turns me off is back hair. Everything else is fine, and I’d prefer the dude didn’t shave.

My ethnic background is mixed.”

User “Hahala222.” “Not a fan of really hairy chest and back (some hair is fine). Completely fine with hairy legs and arms. I’m still not familiar how to explain my ethnic background but I was born in a Latin American country buy my grandparents are european.”

User “Creepthan_Frome.” “I’m comfortable with what he’s comfortable with. I tend to be physically attracted to men of more olive complexion (read: Mediterranean/Levant/Middle-eastern) and this often results in a good bit of facial/body hair. I’m fine with it.

Excessive back hair is… not something I seek out, but he’s the one who’s living with it, not me.”

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