How you channel your anger and hurt after a breakup is very telling of your personality and character traits.  This is especially true when it comes to the end of a relationship that has been dissolved due to cheating.  Here, we lay out how every zodiac sign reacts to the ultimate betrayal and why.

The Aries personality is expressive and trusting. So when that trust is broken, they will likely react with anger due to their naturally aggressive behavior. A cheater can expect a lengthy and poignant speech that is the opposite of civil.

Tauruses are devoted and patient lovers. When you are wronged by a lover, you will hold onto the grudge until the end of time. You are known for stubbornness and after a betrayal, you will never be on friendly-ex terms. In fact, your ex should probably watch their back.

Geminis are inconsistent. You have two personalities and people never know which one they’re gonna get. You may have your ex thinking you are doing fine, but the next thing they know you’ve written “cheater” across the hood of their car. Yikes!

Cancers are naturally suspicious. If a partner confirms your fears and cheats on you, then they will reap your emotional wrath. Because you are sensitive, you will cripple them emotionally. You will dump them and make them feel like the awful person they are.

Simply put, Leos are leaders. You are used to being treated like a king/queen. So, when someone blatantly breaks your trust and tries to take away your power, you will NOT have it. You will take your power back in any way you can, including revenge s*x, selling expensive gifts for profit, and posting hot revenge photos on Instagram.

Virgos pay attention to details. You won’t want to believe that someone you have trusted is capable of such betrayal, so you will demand to know every last detail. Unfortunately, this will only make you angrier. You’re are likely to cut up and destroy every photo and memory of the relationship… Or, keep it for spells.

Libras are fair-minded. However, you are also prone to self-pity. You’re likely to put your ex on blast on social media. You want even their family to pity you and curse them for being so stupid. The comments will roll in, and you will feel better. That’s as far as your anger goes because you mostly avoid personal conflicts.

Scorpios are passionate. Unfortunately, this means you can be passionately jealous and you are prone to violence. You might sever a teddy bear head and send it in the mail or threaten their life via text rant. Hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned.

The Sagittarius likes freedom. So, it’s a big deal when you give it up for someone, and once you find out they’ve cheated, you will leave– no ifs, ands, or buts. You are transformative and changes don’t scare you. You will leave them in the dust and go back to enjoying your freedom.

Capricorns are responsible. You are self-disciplined, and as much as you’d like to enact revenge, you find moving on without a care a far more rebellious and louder act. In other words, you will walk away and never look back. #Respect.

The Aquarius is independent, but possessive. You run from emotional expression and keep things on the inside, but broken promises are a major trigger for you. A cheating scandal will release your inner aggressive nature; we pity any glass lamps near you when you find out. Even though the lamps and picture frames are broken forever, your heart won’t be.

The Pisces is trusting, but to a fault. A betrayal by a partner is truly emotional. One part of you will want to forgive them and take them back, but the other half (hopefully the one that wins) will want to watch romantic movies alone in bed and escape reality. Don’t fret, though: After a good cry-fest, and some quality time with friends, you will be back on your feet.

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