Disney princesses, although fictional, have certain characteristics that can be linked to a specific zodiac sign.  So, if you’ve always felt as if one of these princesses was your kindred spirit, you may be right.  Keep reading to reveal your cosmic princess twin. 

Aries. You are Fa Mulan. You are impulsive and optimistic, and that is why you thought hitting the road with your pet dragon and cricket – and pretending to be a man – would be an easy task. Additionally, you like physical activity and taking charge, so you are definitely ready to get down to business and defeat the huns.

Taurus. You are Tiana. You are good with your hands and you love cooking. Your patience and dedication can make any of your dreams come true, including owning your own restaurant like Tiana. As long as you work hard and don’t kiss too many frogs, you have the determination to do anything.

Gemini. You are Rapunzel. You are instinctively curious, and just as Rapunzel herself was, you would be super anxious to get down from a tower. You hate being alone, and you love even the simplest of interactions. However, since you also love reading and music, being locked in a tower would be cool for a little while… Maybe, like, 18 years?

Cancer. You are Ariel. You are highly emotional and highly imaginative– in fact, sometimes you can let it cloud your judgment. You would definitely be the one to make a deal with a crazy sea witch to fulfill your dreams and fall in love. You’re a hopeless romantic, emphasis on the hopeless. Oh, and you like being near the water… Or shall we say, under the sea.

Leo. You are Pocahontas. You are as colorful as the colors of the wind, and you are as a strong as a lion. Your generosity could stop a war between two groups who don’t understand each other, but are ultimately more alike than they realize. You are also a natural leader and a creative soul.

Virgo. You are Cinderella. Similarly to Cinderella, you like cleanliness and animals, especially those who help you do the cleaning around the house. Additionally, you are hardworking– sometimes to a fault, however. Meaning, that, there are times where you are all work no play. Go to a ball every once in a while, forget where you left your shoes, and relax, girl!

Libra. You are Belle. You hate being alone, which is why if you were locked in a castle, you’d probably strike up a conversation with some furniture or a beast, because nothing is worse than loneliness. Additionally, you are gracious and fair-minded, and that’s why you give everyone a chance. Yes, even a hideous beast.

Scorpio. You are Merida. Simply put, you are stubborn. If you want to do something, you’ll do it and then deal with the consequences later. Yes, even if that means the consequences are accidentally turning your mother into a bear. It’s ok, you’re resourceful and brave (heheh) enough to figure it all out.

Sagittarius. You are Jasmine. You love to travel. You crave seeing new things and exploring new places. You would gladly let Aladdin show you the world on a magic carpet. It’s much cheaper than airfare– plus, you love the fresh air. Win-win.

Capricorn. You are Sleeping Beauty. You were raised by three overprotective fairies and they made sure you turned into a responsible person, who possesses great self-control– ynless you’re put under a spell by an evil witch, that is. But that doesn’t count. You value family and music, and you occasionally might dance with a stranger in a forest.

Aquarius. You are Elsa. You dig your alone time, and if you couldn’t control your powers, you’d be fine locking yourself in your castle bedroom with some Netflix. Your weakness is running from your emotions, just like Elsa when she wouldn’t confront her powers until the very end of the movie, when it was almost too late. You are as independent and uncompromising as a snow queen.

Pisces. You are Snow White. You are generous and trusting, which is why you were willing to trust a bunch of small men and let them live with you. You are gentle and musically inclined, so you probably whistle while you work. Additionally, you love sleeping. So, that whole waiting for a prince to come for you? Yeah, that’s no biggie at all!

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