We all have drinking habits– some healthy, some not so healthy.  And of course, these boozy practices evolve — or stop (hi, sobriety) — as we get older.   Seemingly, our zodiac signs can reveal a lot about how we view drinking and when we like to indulge in it.   Here, we lay out what your zodiac sign says about your drinking habits.

Aries. You typically drink after a sh*tty day or when you can’t get out of one of your notorious bad moods. You like to throw on comfortable sweats or underwear and drink in the comfort of your home until you feel better. Or, you head to the local dive bar that has a “Cheers” vibe and spill your guts out to the bartender.

Taurus. Your drinking is mostly done in fancy, dimly lit restaurants. You love trying new wines and pairing them with gourmet foods. Heavily in touch with your senses, you prefer to really taste and indulge in what you’re sipping on.

Gemini. Simply put, you just drink whenever you can. Your double personality allows you to one day prefer a wine night in, and the next, an all night drink-a-thon. You can’t turn down a chance for booze and fun, but you also don’t cancel the party because everyone else has plans.

Cancer. You mostly enjoying drinking in beautiful places: rooftop bars, beaches at sunset, or any other dreamy location. You don’t typically drink to get drunk. You reserve it for special occasions or pretty sceneries. To you, drinking is best when it’s romantic.

Leo. You have a solid group of drinking buddies. This means your drinking habits are, in a word, excessive. You love having low-impact fun. You sit in a dark bar laughing with friends until late in the night and almost always sleep through brunch. It’s ok, because newsflash: You have mimosas at home.

Virgo. You are a social drinker. Seemingly, you use alcohol as your liquid courage. Since you are generally shy and reserved, booze gives you the boost you need to mingle and meet new people. That said, you almost never let yourself go past the point of no return. You know your limits.

Libra. You are most likely to sneak booze into a museum. You are an artsy type, and as such, you appreciate art, music, and the outdoors. You get bored sitting in a bar, as you need to be stimulated. Because of this, your drinking can get creative. Bringing wine coolers to the beach, spiking your coffee at book club, and keeping a flask in your purse. #LushLife.

Scorpio. You can drink a lot. Like, a lot. Your tolerance is extremely high. People ask you to join drinking contests, but even after an insane amount of booze, you still keep your cool, calm exterior in tact. Because your tolerance is high, you know a lot about alcohol. Your drink orders are always interesting and your mini bar at your house looks like it belongs in Mad Men. Nice.

Sagittarius. It’s no secret that you are extroverted. Your drinking is typically done in new places while meeting new people. You’re guaranteed to know the best bars in every major city you’ve been to. Your enthusiastic and curious, so you never order the same thing twice. This drink mixing has burned you a few times, causing some sickness, but overall, your curiosity cannot be stopped. Go, champ!

Capricorn. Your self-control makes you the most responsible of drinkers. You only drink on the weekends, but even then, you stick to one or drinks which are consumed VERY slowly. Hard alcohols are generally not your style, and you have probably never had a hangover in your life.

Aquarius. You drink mostly when celebrating. You are so busy with your humanitarian efforts and carefully planning out your life, that sometimes fun with friends come second. But, you still make time for them. You drink at fundraising events, friend’s birthday parties, and beach BBQs. You have the drinking habits of a real housewife, but you’re cool with it, because you have way more important things to worry about.

Pisces. You prefer coffee over booze. You typically only drink in the comfort of your own home, maybe while watching an Oscar-winning documentary or with a record player softly playing in the background. Friends encourage you to drink, but you’d rather make sure everyone gets home ok. You are also most likely to have dessert wine in your apartment.

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