Your past might have been rough, but that’s only made you stronger. The experience from dealing with past problems can make you better equipped to deal with ones in the future.  Here’s why being damaged makes you a better lover.

You’ve learned from your past.

Broken hearts may hurt, but they only make you stronger.

You’re more chill about situations because you’ve been through a lot.

You’re more excited and pleasantly surprised when something good happens.

You’re more willing to try new things, because, hey, what’s the worse that can happen?

This includes in the sack.

Which means you’re open to more adventurous bedroom fantasies.

It may be harder for you to fall in love, but when you do it’s more meaningful and extremely passionate.

Breakups are usually less messy because you’re so over that dramatic BS.

You take things as they come, because you know things can change at the drop of a hat.

Which also means you don’t feel any pressure to have a relationship label.

Your closest friends, the ones who have been with you through thick and thin, are very protective of you and will help you to avoid other potential heartbreaks.

You already know that you’re capable of love, or else you would have never been damaged in the first place.

That gives you love-credibility.

You know how to comfort your lover and fight for/with them in any life situation.

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