Why do guys find sp**king to be so hot? Most men love to spank during s*x, even if they’re not especially dominant or into rough s*x. There’s something very primal about it. Even if it doesn’t really involve pain. Is it the sound? The jiggle? Childhood memories? All of the above? Or are they all just into having any kind of contact with a girl’s backside? Guys confess on a Reddit thread why they like to spank. This is why men love sp**king so much.

Smack it. What’s so s*xy about sp**king? Why do guys always try to spank during s*x?

Butts. The sp**king obsession has a lot to do with men liking butts. They like to touch, squeeze, and spank them. No surprise here.

The jiggle. Men like to watch it jiggly. It’s very primal. One Reddit user concisely said, “Honestly, I just like touching my wife’s butt. Its really nice, and when I smack it, it jiggles :)”

The jiggle. A lot of men confessed to liking to watch her butt jiggle. One user wrote, “It’s definitely the jiggle. My favorite smack is the one where i get right under the cheek and grab a hold of it. Damn.”

Do**ystyle. Sp**king during do**ystyle is appealing to a lot of men. Men tend to be very visual. And a woman’s backside looks larger when bent over.

The sound. The sound of a good smack can be satisfying for a man. MericaMericaMerica wrote, “I guess it’s a combination of the sound, the way an ass bounces a bit when it’s smacked, and the fact that you’re making contact with said ass.”

Dominating. There’s a power dynamic to sp**king. One user wrote on Reddit, “It’s about dominance. Plus, the center for aggression in the brain is very near the center for violence s*x. Hypothalamus. It’s responsible for the four F’s. Fighting, feeding, fleeing, and mating. So yeah, there’s bleed-over from violence activation into s*xual activation.”

Naughty? Some people take it further with their role-play. One user wrote, ”It has a psychological effect of domination without actually hurting. Plus the daddy/little girl vibe is a bit kinky and it’s a good starting point for more dirty talk/role play.”

Childhood? It could psychologically harken back to childhood punishment. Getting spanked during childhood has been linked to adulthood aggression. One man said, “You ask why the a**? Well, because, it’s a way to regression. Remember being spanked when you were a little kid.”-nickfury616

Warm up. Fellas, don’t do full throttle at first. Be sure your hands are warm before you start smacking. And build up slowly.

Heavier. Sp**king can go from gentle to intense, depending on what the person likes. Other BDSM instruments can be incorporated after sp**king, such as paddles, riding crops, and whips. If you want to get heavier.

Girl is into it. If a girl is into it, which plenty are, it’s a huge turn on for the guy. One user wrote, “It varies. For me it started when I had a girlfriend who really got off on being spanked. Really liked it. I’d hit her ass at full power (I’m not a small man) and she’d still want more.”-tribute-maximus

Just the b**ty. Most women who are into sp**king don’t want to be hit anywhere else. One woman wrote on the Reddit thread, “I quite enjoy being spanked and I couldn’t think of a reason either. I do think it’s interesting that it seems pretty isolated to the ass. Thinking about getting slapped anywhere else….wutno.”

Scared? Some guys are hesitant to spank during s*x. One user wrote, ”Had a girl that wanted to be spanked and choked, I’m a big guy, she was little. It always terrified me that I’d break her.”

Consent. There’s nothing wrong with a little sp**king as long as it’s totally consensual. If she’s not into it, don’t force it. And be sure to gauge her reaction so you know she’s enjoying it.

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