When it comes to waiting for s*x, is there a magic number?  In other words, how long should you wait to have s*x with a new partner?  Turns out, there’s no set rule.  Whether it’s three weeks or three hours, when it comes to getting laid, you do you.  Over on Reddit, people in lasting relationships revealed just how long they waited to have s*x — and unsurprisngly, the lengths varied.  Curious?  Read for yourself below.

User “Cygnus_X” “Close to 3 months. It was by choice. I had previous girlfriends that I started sleeping with 3-4 weeks into dating. I was young, and getting s*x was my number one priority. But as I got older, that changed. What I found was that once I got to know most of these girls, they were not exactly what I wanted. The s*x was good, but it made breaking up messy. With the last SO, I decided I just wanted to get to know her well first. Now we’ve been together for 7 years and she’s my absolute best friend.”

User “reg-o-matic.” “The magical third date. Of all the other girls I dated before, I always broke up earlier and/or more spectacularly with girls I slept with on the first/second night or waited until some time later.

One of the more memorable was a girl who told me on the first date that she was instituting a new personal policy of not having s*x with a new suitor until they had dated for a month. On the second date she decided blowjobs didn’t count.”

User “GingaSnapzzz.” “From the first night I stayed over at my current SO’s apartment to the first time we had s*x was probably close to 2 months. This was also before we were official, and we were best friends for 4+ years before we ever started hanging out romantically, though our friendship was littered with flirting and s*xual tension. It was hard for her at first to make the transition to something more, and rightfully so, as she was scared that if it didn’t work out our friendship would be ruined. No complaints from me.”

User “Syd35h0w.” “Almost a month in. Before hand we fooled around a bit, then one day while fooling around, she asked if I wanted to finish in her mouth or just go for it. Thank god I had condoms ready.”

User “jubilation.” “First date*. We’ve been together 9 months and she’s the most wonderful girl I’ve ever met.

*However, we did meet on a camping trip (she was invited by a mutual friend) and we ended up spending most of our time together, so it wasn’t like we had just met.”

User “dwolfy.” “First date. Met online too. Had her over for scratch made mac n cheese, wine, and sharing our favorite vinyls. she told me she wouldn’t sleep with me that night. Once she got some wine and mac in her she was dragging me into the bedroom.

She told me last week the reason she said that was because she wanted me to call her back. Well I did. And we’re very happy.”

User “Millerdjone.” “It’s sort of a weird story… 

We hung out twice, had a great time and really hit it off. The night of our second hangout I asked her to my place to watch a movie. I only had plans to watch the movie, I was feeling her already and I was pretty sure she was diggin me. Anyways, we start making out and one thing leads to another and we’ve done the deed. She got freaked out (just got out of a bad long term relationship recently) and said she couldn’t see me anymore… I was pretty bummed but I understood and gave her her space. A few weeks later I get a text from her asking if I want to do something, of course I said yes and the rest is history…”

User “JoyfulStingray.” “3 Months. I was a late bloomer and I was incredibly fortunate that my SO was very patient (as he had a 4 year relationship before me) and listened to me to see when I was ready.

Now, we did fool around a month in, but no PIV for 3 months.”

User “sxeQ.” “About three weeks. The first time we met in person was on our first date. Took a couple weeks of escalation from kissing, b**bs, under the pants, full on s*x.”

User “gen-ral.” “Roughly 2 months, we met each other and started seeing each other within a few weeks of meeting each other, however we slept with each other within a week of knowing each other ( We were at a music festival and met through mutual friends, my tent broke so I needed somewhere to sleep, and because she’s just so lovely she offered her tent for the night).”

User “Jomato_Soup.” “With my first proper boyfriend we waited a year, we were 15 and I wanted to wait until after I turned 16. But, thinking back, I probably wasn’t ready and I certainly was not in love (even though I thought I was). We were not mature enough but it was mutual and he was a nice guy.

Me and my now SO slept together on our first date. We’ve been together over a year and are saving for a deposit on a house. And I could not be happier.

After I got over the whole “what society deems acceptable” it became a lot easier to figure out what I wanted and how to communicate that to the people in my life.

So, what I’m trying to say is, as long as you are comfortable with it then it’s all good.”

Anonymous. “1 month after we started dating. I was 20, second year college, and most of my friends had already had s*x or were looking to stay virgins… He was quite experienced and older, I was obviously not. This may have influenced the timeline a bit too.”

User “ahatmadeofshoes12.” “Depending on how you define s*x it varies. I consider s*x anything that involves touching each other’s genitals with the expressed intention of giving each other mutual pleasure (touching can involve hands, mouths, toys, other genitals etc.). That’s how I define it because I’m bi and otherwise it would exclude more than half of my partners. I’ve also only had piv s*x with one person even though I’ve had s*x with 11 people.

In my first relationship I think we started getting s*xual like 7 months in. I was 16, he was 17.

I didn’t have piv s*x for another 2 relationships and a one night stand after that with my current partner.”

User “mangaholic.” “I never had s*x with my first SO as it was in high school and we were both socially awkward.

With my current SO, we had s*x on the second date and were s*xting before that. Plus, the only reason we didn’t have s*x on the first date was because I had to go somewhere else and didn’t have the time to head back to his place.”

User “KnitterWithAttitude.” “I had a partner who wanted to wait a year, and I did. My best and current relationship was about 6 hours after meeting. No ragrets. But it’s obviously not for everyone. Neither one of us was the kind to do that before, but hey when it happens it happens.”

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