A good s*x position isn’t always so easy to find. A lot of different factors are at play when it comes time to pick: height, weight, mood or even location. You might not know it, but the right s*x position could not only make s*x feel better but actually make you better in bed.  Here are the Zodiac’s best and favorite s*x positions.

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Leo: If there’s one sign on the zodiac that is most likely to revert to missionary whenever possible, it’s Leo. You like what works, and you can be creative sometimes but the leadership position that missionary puts you in appeals to your lion tendencies.
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Gemini: It’s hard to appease the Gemini’s wild side, so for the Gemini lover, or your Gemini mate, it may take some acrobatics to get things heated. That’s why piledriver, a position that takes practice and balance to achieve but is optimal for both male and female pleasure, is your best bet.
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Aries: Aries really needs it from behind. It gives them the power they so crave and the opportunity to let out all that stored up aggression that comes with the ram’s nature.
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Pisces: The sensitive and creative Pisces is all about going against the grain. Stray from the usual and try 69 with your Pisces. It will make them feel close to you via mutual stimulation but also satisfy their creative void.
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Libra: Libras can’t get enough of the do**y position. If you really want to get your Libra going, pin them to the bed from behind so they’re not propped up by their arms. You’ll get the best angle for deep penetration, and your Libra will appreciate your hard work.
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Cancer: As a Cancer you tend to be nurturing and loyal. Sometimes you even let people steamroll over you in the outside world, which is why when it comes to the bedroom, you’re all about taking control. For the Cancer, any position with you on top where you can control the experience is key.
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VIrgo: Virgo might be the one sign on the zodiac that cannot be pinned down to a single position. The Virgo’s nature tends toward handiwork and achievement and their style in the bedroom is no different. For a Virgo, a romp isn’t complete without going trying many positions, including a few from the Karma Sutra.
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Sagittarius: The athletic, energetic Sagittarius wants to take control. For them, the hottest thing in bed is control. Let them lift you up during s*x and hold you in a standing position.
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Taurus: As a Taurus, you’re a born romantic but you also appreciate reliability. Because of this, laying down side by side is the perfect go-to position for you and your mate. It always works, it’s passionate and it’s loving.
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Aquarius: As a fan of creativity and emotional expression, any old s*x position just won’t do. You like to take control, and wow your partner whenever possible. Reverse cowgirl will allow you to display your Aquarian beauty and still be in control.
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Capricorn: The responsible Capricorn needs to let loose in bed. Imagine s*x in a cramped restroom. Come up from behind, in near standing position and keep them close so your bodies gyrate in unison.
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Scorpio: Scorpio may be brave and stubborn but in the bedroom they want to be dominated. They like their legs lifted and resting on your shoulders with their hands pinned down onto the bed.
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