While many women out there are justifiably disgusted by catcalling, there are plenty out there that enjoy the verbal assaults from men on the street – just as long as they’re shouting out compliments rather than over-s*xualized comments. It can feel degrading to a number of you out there, but sometimes, once in a while, it can boost your spirits and make you feel a little s*xy and maybe even appreciated by the opposite s*x. Sure, catcalling doesn’t need to happen and should probably bother you, but what about the women out there that love it? Here, we take a look at some examples of women enjoying catcalls.

Reddit. As you can imagine, Reddit has a number of people talking about this subject, with a good amount of women revealing that catcalling isn’t thought to be a negative thing in their minds.

Culture. “Men rarely catcall me anymore,” one anonymous user wrote. “I hate that our culture makes me miss it.”

Feminism. One of the main topics of discussion with catcalling is that fighting against the culture around the verbal abuse is a form of feminism. So, when you miss or even enjoy being catcalled, does that make you less of a feminist?

Shame. “To my great shame, the thought of not being worth men’s notice bothers me, even though I’m a seasoned feminist and I know better,” writer Jessica Valenti wrote in a July 2015 article for The Guardian. Since publishing this article, Valenti has been ridiculed by the Reddit community – but she’s not the only one.

Paris Lees. A self-proclaimed “bit of a sl*t,” that used to also be a prostitute and is a post-op trans female, Paris Lees is a fan of catcalling.

Represent. “So yeah, I’m a bit of a sl*t. I also used to be a prostitute. And before that, well, a boy. Uh-huh. And I’m a total attention junkie. So I may – may – not represent all women. Who does, though?”

Feminist. “I’m a feminist because I don’t like men telling me how to think or behave or experience the world and I don’t like women doing it, either,” she writes.

Ibiza. Lees tells Vice about a summer she spent in Ibiza, where she was catcalled and s*xually objectified on a daily basis by men. She called it “absolutely awesome.”

Getting fresh. “Every time some hot guy got fresh with me, I just thought, ‘Okay, I could f*ck you, but there might be some even hotter stud serving it up later.’ I guess it’s like when I used to live by the sea and never got round to going swimming.”

London. She resides in London, and misses the catcalling summer of Ibiza.

Love. “I love catcalls. I love car toots. I love random men smiling “Hello beautiful!” like my mere presence just made their day. I like being called “princess” and ignoring them as I giggle inside. I like being eye-f**ked on the escalator and wondering if I’ve just made him spring a boner.”

Felicity Morse. In an article for The Independent, Felicity Morse spells it out a bit more than just enjoying catcalls.

Intrusive. “If I’m dressed up in a s*xy little something, I’m sashaying down the street and I’m tossing a head of freshly washed hair like I think I’m Beyoncé, I find a catcall rather appreciative. But if I’m out jogging or running to the bus stop, huddling past a building site in the rain, I find it intrusive.”

Catcalling. If you enjoy being catcalled, that’s fine. Overall though, catcalling is s*xual harassment and should not be encouraged in any way. For women like Paris Lees and Jessica Valenti, it’s great that they can take something positive away from catcalling, but let’s not ignore how terrible it truly is.

You. What do you think of women that love catcalling? Do you agree or disagree with them? Let us know in the comments section below.

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