Humiliation.  Spanking.  Pain.  Bondage.  Although s*xual submission is often unfairly stigmatized as degrading to women, for many, it’s empowering and freeing.  In fact, being submissive is actually consistent with the teachings of feminism in the sense that it allows females to choose their own form of s*xual expression.  Some gals like to shut their brains off in the bedroom, while others crave to feel desired by their partners.  Nevertheless, every woman has her own reason for enjoying the feeling of being dominated behind closed doors.  Via Reddit, here are 15 women coming clean about what they love about being submissive.

The appeal of being dominated. Of being submissive, user “fnredditacct” said, “It’s an adrenaline rush, the idea that I’m not in control, that he can do what he wants, and he might want something bad. Adrenaline rushes make me feel really alive. Pain adds to this rush.”

The appeal of being dominated. “I don’t get off on being submissive,” one woman clarified. “I get off on seeing my boyfriend dominant.” Well, that’s a new perspective!

The appeal of being dominated. “It’s not so much that I specifically enjoy being dominated,” user “Meggeh” said, “but it’s just downright carnal when he starts taking control. I like the bit of struggle at first to who’s taking over, then being tossed over on my knees and f*cked into submission. Umph. With someone you trust, nothing is s*xier.”

The appeal of being dominated. One woman revealed that for her, being dominated in between the sheets takes away all other expectations. “My only job is to react,” she said. “I don’t have to worry about being pretty, or what he might be thinking or feeling, or if I should do something differently. I listen, I respond, I react honestly. That is freeing.”

The appeal of being dominated. “For me, it makes my pulse and heart race,” one woman shared. “Adds a little excitement, made pleasurable because I know that I’m safe and not really threatened. It allows me to turn the adrenaline that would come from fear into enticement.”

The appeal of being dominated. “I’m kind of a control freak in all other aspects of my life,” one user dished. “Sometimes it’s a real relief to give up all control and let someone else handle things.”

The appeal of being dominated. Another woman weighed in on the “control freak” thing, stating, “I totally agree… I’m currently a full time college student with two pretty demanding jobs. At the end of a long day it feels so good to be dominated. I don’t have to control myself for a while, somebody else can control me.”

The appeal of being dominated. “It’s a safe way to live out my rape fantasy with a trusted person,” one woman confessed. “Even if we’re not ‘rape-playing’, just having someone else in control s*xually is the ultimate turn-on for me. It almost feels subconscious, that’s how deep my kink runs. I respond s*xually to men who are in control.”

The appeal of being dominated. User “kingsia07” said, “The appeal, for me, is that you feel like he finds you mind-blowingly hot. He wants to please and take you. And he throws me around and goes after what he wants.”

The appeal of being dominated.“I’m attracted to both dominant and submissive roles,” one woman shared. “I think part of it is I’m a very cerebral person and I need novelty to be entertained by s*x, it’s a way to use your imagination. Dominance requires a guy to be confident which is attractive, pain is an interesting sensation that gives you an endorphin/dopamine rush (not that I can handle much).”

The appeal of being dominated.User “rbkc123” said, “Giving up control to another does turn me on more than almost anything else. Knowing that he (I am a straight lady, so my partner is a he) is getting exactly what he wants is so hot; and seeing or feeling him get hard when he takes control – the feeling that he has enough self control to stay in charge, feeling taken care of, all of it.”

The appeal of being dominated. “It’s going to vary from woman to woman,” one user explained.” Of her specific situation, she said, “I’m more submissively-wired than most to the point where I enjoy being dominated both in and out of the bedroom, and the idea of handing control over certain aspects of my life (such as but not limited to my s*xuality) to someone else is like having a weight lifted off my shoulders.”

The appeal of being dominated. “I think it’s because I’m so in control in my everyday life it makes me relax because I don’t have to be in control, I don’t need to decide what happens next,” one woman shared. “I’m there for him, he gets to decide where this goes.” She added, “Also whereas I don’t place any emphasis on my gender ever, in the bedroom having a man just completely take control makes me feel really feminine.”

The appeal of being dominated. One woman said she’s into being a sub because she gets to relax. “I can be myself and let someone else take the reins,” she posted. “I know it’s going to feel good, and I don’t have to be in control of it. I can be an absolutely willing partner, and still not have much of a say in what’s happening. I’m not worried if the guy is enjoying it or not. I know he is, as he’s doing exactly what he wants. I can just relax and enjoy the ride.”

The appeal of being dominated.“It’s so goddamn manly,” one woman cooed. “If a guy can throw me around or push me up against a wall or anything like that I go from zero to f*ck me in like thirty seconds.” She added, “In saying that, I think I love giving head because I get off on the power trip too.”

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