You remember your child’s birthday better than your own, so you’re probably familiar with their zodiac sign.  The stars help shape us as human beings depending on their place in the sky when we were born, and children are no exception.  You can learn a lot about what a relationship needs using the zodiac, even in a parent-child relationship.  Your child is a growing human with a personality of their own, one that may be vastly different than yours.  This is how to approach parenting a child of every sign.  Here are some parenting tips, according to your child’s zodiac sign. Aries. Teach patience and control. Your Aries child is a force to be reckoned with, but they need to be able to control their power. They may be short-tempered and impulsive, but learning how to use that energy for good will help them go far. Taurus. Help them understand compromise. A Taurus of any age is stubborn and can fail to see things through the eyes of others, though they are loyal friends. If they understand that meeting someone halfway makes them part of a team, they will be more able to compromise with their friends, and with you. Gemini. Help them find their calming place. Your child is energetic and full of surprises, which is fun. However, a Gemini child has a nervous indecisiveness that may make it hard for them to concentrate or make choices. Finding something that holds their attention and keeps them focused will be a challenge. Cancer. Make self-esteem a priority. Cancers are sensitive and take everything personally. It’s because they care a lot about other people, which is usually a wonderful thing. However, they tend to focus a lot on what other people think of them and not what they think about themselves. Teach your little Cancer to love themselves and be confident. Leo. Teach them about what makes a good leader, and not just a strong one. Your child may end up leading the pack because of their natural dominance and ability. However, a Leo can be arrogant and forget the importance of the people that they lead and while that’s not usually their intention, it can hurt people. They should learn that glory feels best when you share the spotlight. Virgo. Help them understand that perfection is an impossible goal to reach. Parenting a Virgo is eye-opening, because they notice everything about the world. Your Virgo child is most likely a perfectionist, which is a burden sometimes. They will be critical of themselves and it might hinder their self-image. Stress the importance of trying their best, but also emphasize the understanding that their best is entirely good enough. Libra. Help them take stances and speak out. Your Libra makes such a great friend and has a strong moral code. They are super empathetic, even as a child. Your Libra might have the tendency to agree with everyone too easily. They see every side of a situation, which makes it hard for them to decide on what they truly believe. Let them know that forming a strong opinion and speaking up on it is not unfairly picking a side or tipping the scales of justice. Scorpio. Sharing. Your Scorpio is passionate about everything, which can be a good and bad thing. Scorpios have a jealous streak that can carry over into many parts of their lives. They also tend to lash out in hurtful ways when someone else has what they want. Help them to understand that sharing is an important part of making friends, and they won’t benefit from being so possessive of things or people. Help them find other things to be passionate about, because once they find their main interests, they will go far with them. Sagittarius. Be firm. A Sagittarius child will keep you on your toes. They are full of energy and adventure. However, they take rules and boundaries as suggestions and test limits. Explain why rules are important and drive the point home, or else they will run wild. Capricorn. Make fun a rule. Your Capricorn will amaze you. A Capricorn child is goal-oriented, studious and responsible. Playtime may seem like something they aren’t interested in, but they need it, so make it a priority. Capricorns are steady and forceful, but do eventually suffer burnout. Finding time for play leaves them mentally rested, and therefore makes them even more successful. Aquarius. Keep them busy. Your Aquarius child is always going to ask questions and will never stop. They want to know about everything and stay in interesting learning situations. However, if they feel bored, they will act out. Keep in mind that when they misbehave, it’s probably because they probably need another challenge placed before them to figure out. Pisces. Find them an outlet. Your Pisces child is a born dreamer, in a very introspective way. They may be quiet or introverted and even seem spacey, but their mind is full of creative thoughts. Expression pulls the creative Pisces out of their shell. Finding a way to let them all out is key to a happy and healthy Pisces.

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