It’s safe to say that a majority of us have experienced some form of a broken relationship, at some point in our lives.  While broken relationships are usually destined for failure, some just might be worth saving.  Here are 15 signs that your broken relationship is actually worth saving.

You’re willing to put in the work.
Relationships take work, and you know this. While you and your partner have your number of issues, you’re both willing to put in the time to work them out.

You’re so in love.
Despite the complications in the relationship, you are still hopelessly in love with your partner.

You can’t forget the good times.
Try as you might, it seems almost impossible to forget the amazing times you’ve spent, and the experiences you’ve shared, with your partner.

You don’t want to be single.
The thought of being single doesn’t seem as liberating as everyone claims it is. Living the single life just doesn’t seem as appealing to you, as being with your significant other.

The thought of being with someone else sickens you.
No matter how bumpy your relationship may seem at times, the thought of being with someone else is pretty gross and weird to you.

The thought of your partner with someone else sickens you even more.
Your world would seemingly come to a tragic stop if you were to discover that your partner has hooked up with another person.

Your partner still makes you smile.
No matter how much they may grind your gears, your S.O. still manages to make you laugh, and put the most genuine smile on your face.

You still care about their feelings.
You want your partner to be happy — when they’re happy, you’re happy. Additionally, seeing them upset makes you upset, and you’d never want to hurt them.

You picture your future with them.
You just can’t see your future playing out with anyone else.

You make amends quickly.
Although you may get into fights often, you know how to make amends quickly. You never stay mad at each other for too long.

You’re still physically attracted to your partner.
Your partner is the most attractive person you know. You can hardly keep your hands off of them, and you definitely can’t stop staring at them.

Your love life is still amazing.
When it comes to getting down and dirty, the chemistry is most definitely still there.

You still have respect for your partner.
No matter how much they may get on your nerves, you still have the utmost respect for this person.

Your fights often seem insignificant.
Although they may occur frequently, your fights are never that big, or about anything too significant.

They’re your best friend.
Your partner is your best friend (in the whole world), and the thought of losing them as a part of your life, is way too much to handle.

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