Do you consider your relationship with your child a healthy one?  Or is it out of control?  Every family is  different, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s nature.  If we were all the same, we’d no better than robots (and  if you’ve seen any movie under the science fiction category on Netflix, you’d be well aware that robots are no bueno). Whether or not you think you and your kids get along just peachy-keen, it’s time to leave it to the stars.  Keep reading to find out the truth behind your relationship with your child, based on your zodiac. Aries. Since you’re the kind of parent who really tries to promote exploration in your kids, it pays off well with your relationship. It’s easy for them to connect with you because you’re willing to them run free — to an extent, at least. When they’re not off exploring, your time together can get to be a bit touch-and-go, but that’s only because you both work better as individuals. Leo. You were made to be a parent. It just fits you. Sometimes, unfortunately, you can let this get to your head — and your child notices. Your sensibilities mirror old-fashioned parenting, where a firm foot and a warm heart seemed to go hand-in-hand. While that may be true, it can cause some rockiness in your relationship with your child. You’re a parent, not a friend. But the love is most certainly present. Sagittarius. You and your kids couldn’t be more comfortable around each other. You click like peanut butter clicks with jelly. It’s cohesion mixed with joviality, and it’s created an almost perfect relationship. Just be careful, the older they get (and we’re talking strictly teenage years here), the more likely they may use that charm against you. So just be aware. Aquarius. In your house, it’s all about honesty. At least, thats what you try to promote. This mindset has kept you and your child on good terms, because they understand that you’re not trying to get anything over them ortrying to get anything out of them. They’ll grow up with good memories of you, and this’ll likely translate into a great relationship later on in life as well. Cancer. You and your child love each other — and thank the heavens for that. If you didn’t, you’d have probably already torn each other apart by now. The reason why your relationship with your child can get so bumpy is because you never seem to stick to one emotion. If you’re not overly gushing over them, you’re freaking out about their attitudes. It’s always something. Gemini. You like to promote creativity with your kids, and you also like them to be free-thinkers. This would be much appreciated by anyone, but it’s all there appreciated since they have to live with you. If you weren’t such a worrywart all of the time, your relationship could be nearly perfect, but alas — you’re a worrywart. Taurus. If there was one type of parent that any kid would love to run to in times of need, it’s a Taurus parent. You’re understanding, even when they’re out of line, and you’re good at giving them the benefit of the doubt. They’re only kids after all. With that in mind, you can sometimes be too aware of the fact that they’re kids, and that they won’t be forever. Can you be slightly clingy sometimes? Sure. Will they not really notice until they’re teenagers. You betchya. Virgo. If there was one way to describe your relationship with your child, it’s distant. That isn’t your emotional distant or even physically distant — you just parent with space. You’ve got practical sensibilities and you’d rather your child learn from watching you, rather than from you spelling everything out. Life is all about experience, and growing up is as vital an experience as any other. Your relationship with your child is the kind that will likely grow and blossom over time the more mature they become. Scorpio. Let’s not beat around the bush — you can be a bit intense at times. This can be great with people your age, people who share your traits and habits and hobbies, but for your kids, it’s an acquired taste. They’ll learn to understand you eventually, but you’re a powerhouse of emotion, and you might be coming off a bit strong. Libra. You run a laid-back house, and due to that, you’ve raised a laid-back child. You’re not as worried about making sure your child understands everything as you are concerned with the fact that they understand the importance of sociability and common sense. They’ll learn as they go, because you subconsciously teach as you go. Your relationship is as casual and confident as you hope their adulthood will be. You’ve done good by your kids, and they’re appreciative of it, even if they don’t quite realize it at the moment. Pisces. Were you made to be a parent? Maybe not. Are you a terrible parent? Not at all. You live in a world all your own, so it’s difficult letting people in. You might be the kind of parent who says, “If they’re going to drink, I’d rather they drink around me.” So you might be the cool parent, but you might only do that to keep them happy in order to keep yourself uninterrupted. Capricorn. You want to keep your kids on their toes, and sometimes it doesn’t translate as kindly as you’d hope it would. In their eyes, you’re definitely something of a tough parent. You’re bendable, sure, and not a monster by any means, but you’d rather set your kids on a straight road to success than jive with them on childish trivialities. They’ll grow up to thank you (hopefully).

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