There’s an odd aversion to oral s*x from a male perspective that is perpetuated throughout society, that is just not true at all. Men love giving women oral pleasure, so don’t let your minds get clouded with negative jokes, heresy, or anything else that says differently. Sure, there are a number of men out there that don’t particularly like cunnilingus, but you can say the same about women performing oral s*x on men. It isn’t for everyone, but if you do enjoy it, we know why. Keep reading to find out why men love giving women oral right here.

Oral. Eating out. Going down. Head. Whatever you call it, cunnilingus is a magnificent experience for women, with some preferring it to vag**al intercourse as a way to orgasm. Many women can’t orgasm through intercourse, so oral s*x is where. it’s. at!

Men love giving women oral. In a recent piece on, writer Clint Carter tackled the “decline of oral s*x” issue, explaining why men love to receive and give oral s*x. He broke it down into nine categories, but let me tell you – there are countless reasons.

Extension. Simply put, it extends the pleasure. Once penetrative s*x starts, it’s only a matter of minutes before the deed is completed. This is just a fact. So, with some foreplay, men can increase the amount of fun time with some dedicated oral.

Underb**b. The view from down there is a good one, and men can see a side of you they definitely enjoy. In his Women’s Health piece, Carter sums it up quite well: “Imagine you’re in our position. Now look up. Not a bad view, right?” Right!

Fingers in his hair. Play with his hair! Hold onto his head like he does when you’re giving him oral. Men absolutely love the sensation of your fingers in their hair. It’s like a scalp massage that really gets them grooving’.

Appreciation. No matter what you might think, your man is a huge fan of your body, if not the biggest fan. When he’s between your legs, his mind and hands are exploring the parts of you he appreciates the most, even if he’s just learning about them in the moment!

Fun. Men enjoy making women feel good – shocking, I know! While a back massage or foot rub is definitely in their wheelhouse, men would rather give you an orgasm, which is arguably better, wouldn’t you say?

Focus. As we’re sure you know, your clitoris rarely gets the attention it needs and deserves, but when your man is giving you oral, that all changes. Men will give a ton of focus to the “C-spot,” and you can let them know what motions you like, and more!

Connection. Oral s*x is much more intimate than intercourse, with physical and emotional connections happening simultaneously between the two of you. Men appreciate this notion while pleasing you.

Afterwards. When you orgasm, you’re probably in a great mood. Add in your heightened s*xual desires that just exploded within your body … you’re most likely raring to go for round two, which would probably have a lot of focus on your guy. Men love it when you’re turned on.

Turn on. Speaking of turn ons, giving oral s*x is a big one for a number of men. It can involve control, submission, manipulation, and a whole lot more, which can have your man going wild.

Curiosity. Men are explorers, and what’s better than discovering more of a woman’s body? A man that enjoys giving oral s*x is probably really good at it, due mainly to the fact that he’s curious about your vag**a. That’s a compliment!

S*xual “Karma”. Reciprocation isn’t the main reason why men go down on women, but the idea of it is a big turn on. It’s definitely in their head when they’re … well, giving you head, but if it doesn’t happen, it shouldn’t matter to a good guy. If he’s expecting reciprocation, it might kill the mood, so maybe he’s not too great.

Heck. Men just plain like giving women oral because, they just do! You don’t always need a reason for why people do certain things, so are you really going to pry an answer out of your man when he’s between your legs?

You. Hopefully these examples of why men loving giving oral made it clear that they really enjoy making you feel good. The bottom line is getting you off or to a point of ecstasy that will leave you happy, and that’s what really matters to men that love giving oral.

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