You try.  You really do.  But no matter how much effort you seem to put in, relationships just don’t seem to be your forte.  Part of you wishes you could meet the same witch Cersei from “Game of Thrones” met when she was a wee princess to suck your blood and spare you the mystery about your future, but you’d rather not have to schedule an appointment for a tetanus shot.  If you’re that kind of person, you’re actually in luck.  The stars will do the work for you.  Keep reading to find out why you’re still single, based on your Zodiac. Cancer: Aggressive. If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. That’s a credo that you either never heard or never cared to abide by. If you really want to give your heart to someone and have somebody give you theirs, then you need to at least display some proof that you’re not going to step on it every time you get a little angry. Chill pills may not be part of your daily prescription, but they ought to be. Virgo: Workaholic. How can you have time for a relationship when you hardly fit in time for yourself? At this rate, if you start a relationship, it’ll be as though you’re cheating on your job. When you can find it in you to take some time off, then you possibly have a shot at successfully wooing a human being who isn’t your reflection in your computer screen. Otherwise, it’s pencil-pushing till the end of time for you. Aries: Just too weird… There’s nothing wrong with being unique. There’s nothing wrong with having an eccentric personality. But you’re on a different level altogether. Your inapproachable. Your reality is too farfetched to even slightly latch onto. You seem like you’d make pretty solid companion, if only you’d take a few steps closer to reality. Gemini: Annoying. You enjoy being the center of attention, it seems, even though relationships work better as a double act. Sometimes it’s best to hand the mic over to someone else, but you don’t seem to feel the need to. The spotlight is on you, and that’s where you like it. If you can find it in yourself to sway it towards somebody else, someone might offer you some attention all on their own. Scorpio: Over-emotional. It’s great that you wear your heart on your sleeve, but at the rate you’re going, you may as well be wearing heart as a parka. There aren’t any eggshells that people are walking on around you — youare the eggshells. It’s rough being around you, but it feels as though it doesn’t have to be. Just lighten up a little. Life isn’t as bad is it may seem. Capricorn: Rude. Someone must’ve dipped you in a potent pool of pomposity when you were born. If you even get to a first date, a second go isn’t likely. Every compliment you try to deliver doesn’t just come out wrong, it comes out rude (and seemingly on purpose, even). You may have good intentions, just not a very good approach. Work on that judgment and check in later. Leo: Ignorant. There is a universal “end-all, be-all,” and it belongs to you, apparently. When it comes to perspective, yours is limited. When it comes to ideals, yours are thin. No one’s going to like you very much if feel as though you know everything, so give yourself a rest — for everybody’s sake. Pisces: Lazy. You can’t expect to wow or woo anybody from your bed (or even the sofa that you call your bed). Being in a relationship is all about enjoying life with somebody. If your idea of enjoying life is saying no to everything and opting for a quiet night in every night, then you’re likely going to spend those quiet nights alone. Taurus: You’re a bit creepy. It’s kind of cute that you’ve got romantic pipe dreams that fuel you with high hopes and passionate optimism — it’s just unfortunate that you’re always running at full-steam. The fact that you never take it down a notch whenever people tell you to “take it down a notch” more or less confirms this notion. So, take it from your zodiac and… take it down a notch. Libra: Clingy. You have a dependent personality. Sure, at first, it might seem flattering, but flattery can get old quickly. People want to need someone just as much as they want to feel needed, but you make that a bit difficult. Look in the mirror, give yourself a pep talk and then see if helps. Also, remove the proverbial suction cups. That should help. Sagittarius: Superficial. Ah, what’s more refreshing than a one-sided conversation? Firstly, that was rhetorical. Secondly, there actually isn’t anything worse than a one-sided conversation — simply because, by default, the conversation is voided on account of having no room for responses. Just because you think you’re great doesn’t actually mean you’re great. People can see right through you, just as much as you look right through everybody else. Aquarius: Dull. Talking with you is like riding a tandem roller coaster. There’s potential and it seems like it’ll be fun — but it’s not. Looks aren’t everything, and you prove just as much. If you carry on without a shred of intrigue, you’re going to join the ranks of those who watch grass grow. If you were a form of entertainment, you’d a be a silent film, and not just the silent film, but the credits.

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