Each zodiac sign is linked to one of the Major Arcana Tarot cards.  These cards form the foundation of the Tarot deck and represent spiritual self-awareness, understanding and provide for meaningful lessons.  The Major Arcana illustrates human consciousness and wisdom.  The archetypal figures printed on the face of the cards represent a singular person.  Which card are ? Sagittarius. Temperance. The angel on the card of Temperance has one foot on dry land and the other in the water. As a Sagittarius, like Temperance, you always feel the need to “test the waters” before diving into something. You are prone to taking the middle road, avoiding extremes as a means to bring balance into your life. You work so hard to keep up this “calm” exterior, that like a graceful swan, you are paddling madly underwater while on the surface, you appear collected and elegant. Relax, little Sagittarius. You are in no rush. Much like the water on the Temperance card, go with the flow and allow things to happen naturally. Cancer. Chariot. The Chariot card, much like you, Cancer, demands control. The willpower and sheer determination of the Chariot card makes it a force to be reckoned with. The Chariot card encourages you to assert yourself. Pursue your goals — as long as you maintain focus and confidence in your abilities (as you should, Cancer), you will dominate the competition. Your impulses and aggression tend to work against you sometimes. Use this card as a sign to learn to master your emotions and curb any anger you may feel. Control yourself, Cancer. Taurus. Hierophant. In some decks, the Hierophant is known as the High Priest. Like the Hierophant, you are conventional and righteous. Mercy, conscience and goodness rule over you. When a Hierophant appears, they will appear in the form of a counselor or mentor to whom people can turn to for guidance. This person will bestow their wisdom upon all who they encounter and offer advice and good counsel. Aquarius. The Star. Aquarius, you are often detached and chaotic — to those around you and yourself. The Star Tarot card should bring about a renewed sense of hope. Aquarius, the universe has blessed you, whether you recognize it or not. Have faith and trust in what is happening around you. The Star Tarot follows the Tower card, which indicates that you, Aquarius, are detached because you have endured life’s challenges and these tribulations have made you wary to trust anyone or anything. Let go of these damaging memories and emotions. Bitterness and hate will only get in the way of your future happiness, and the cards say that plenty of happiness is on the horizon. Scorpio. Death. Like the Death card, Scorpio is probably the most feared and misunderstood sign of the zodiac. Death should not be taken literally; when the Death card is drawn, it indicates change. Scorpio, take this as a sign that the time for significant transformation is approaching. There may be both emotional and physical pain associated with these big changes, but you need to embrace new opportunities and possibilities within your life. Let go of these losses. Death also warns against unhealthy attachments in your life, Scorpio. Your life is about to transform right before you and to pave way to a fuller and more enriched experience, you need to learn to let go. It’s hard for you to let go because of how naturally obsessive you are, but this baggage needs to disappear. Capricorn. The Devil. Capricorn, the goat, rules over this Major Arcana card. This card shows the Lovers bound and chained in front of the Devil. Hidden forces, Capricorn, are constraining you and leading you to believe you are imprisoned. Whether it be s*xual, materialistic or something you fear, these impulses do not control you. Do not feel hopeless. The Devil is an inner force within all of us, but you, unfortunately, are more oftentimes deceived by him, Capricorn. Do not become obsessed or hell-bent on a particular idea or situation, Capricorn. Over-invesing yourself will only lead to your own downfall. Gemini. The Lovers. Gemini all comes down to duality. You are commonly faced with situations where you must either take the high or low road. The Lovers encourage you to weigh your options our carefully. Follow the path right for you. In the background of the Lovers card is a snake in a fruit-laden tree. This suggests the story of Adam and Eve, the fall of humanity from grace and the various temptations we see in this world. Do not allow your temptations to be your demise, Gemini. Leo. Strength. Leo, you’re a lion, literally and metaphorically. Just like the Strength card, you are courageous and compassionate. On the Strength card, there is a woman, indicating that your strengths are not purely physical, either. There is a purity of spirit about you that is tangible to every life you encounter. On the card, the woman is comforting the lion. Her presence represents the mental courage to overcome things that may be scary, such as a lion, or something else happening in your life right now. You are a fighter, so keep on fighting. You have the strength to perceiver through anything, Leo. Pisces. The Moon. Hey there, dreamer. Just like the Moon, you are caught up in your shadow self, i.e., the dream world. If you linger too long in your dreams, you will be deceived by them, Pisces. The Moon is a card of illusion, as something is not as it appears to be. There are hidden forces at work and if you do not open yourself up to reality, they will unravel your successes. Open your eyes and see what is going on. Aries. The Sun. Just like the Sun, Aries, you are warm and dynamic. People are drawn to you, and you radiate. This positivity is what gets you through any tough times you encounter. The Sun represents luck, wellness and success. However, Aries, you are impulsive and reckless. Your confidence, paired with your impulsiveness, has you wanting to just dive into something and expecting good results. The Sun reflects the importance of simplicity. Do what you enjoy most, without any elaborate scheming, and you will feel enlightened. Libra. Justice. This is the time to take responsibility for your actions, Libra. You must judge yourself accordingly. Your escapist tendencies have hurt others in the past and it is time for retribution. Look inwardly and consider why you are oftentimes so manipulative to those that care about you. Use your self-indulgence and take a good, hard look at your life, as there is something that desperately seeks your attention. Do not be dishonest with yourself. Virgo. Hermit. You’ve been really busy lately, Virgo. The Hermit signifies a time for introspection and being alone. You’ve been wondering what to do and where to go from here, but the answer is inside of you. Much like the Hermit card, Virgo, you understand and appreciate people and the light within them. Now it is time for you to find your own light, shine it down and illuminate your own path.

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