Being in a relationship can be hard.  And yet, there are certain things we all do that make being in one harder.  Take a look at 15 bad habits that are ruining your relationship!

Snooping on your significant other. FYI: Trust is just as important as love.

Trying to improve or “fix” one another like you are each other’s art projects.

Not telling your partner what you actually need, emotionally and s*xually. Communication is key.

Taking each other for granted.

Fighting in public. Huge no-no.

Not talking about how you actually feel about a certain issue.

You never discuss your future together, or where the relationship is actually going.

Finding faults in their family and always complaining about them.

Constantly testing each other.

Too. Much. PDA.

Constantly comparing one another to former flames.

Avoiding fights. Pro tip: This does more harm (grudges, resentment, etc.) than good.

Always trying to one up one another.

Always faking it in the sack. If you feel the need to always fake it, talk about it with your partner and then try and figure out a solution.

Not apologizing. Like, ever. Swallow that pride, because it’s not doing you any favors!

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