Been through a devastating breakup?  As it turns out, there are a slew of advantages to being left by a lover.  Here, we list the benefits of being destroyed by a relationship!

It will make you a stronger person.

Not only will it make you stronger, it will also make you a more confident person.

You will know exactly what you want out of your next relationship.

You will be more aware of your emotions.

You will know what kind of people you want to date.

And what kind of people you don’t want to date.

You will learn from your past mistakes.

You’ll make positive changes in your life.

Like get a new job.

And a new pet!

You’ll appreciate your new relationships more.

And your new life.

You’ll spend more time with your friends.

And you’ll spend more time with yourself.

In the end, being destroyed by a relationship is exactly what you need to be ready for new and betterrelationships down the road!

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