We need to talk.  This isn’t working.  It’s not you, it’s…  Need we go on?  Here, we list the 15 most dangerous phrases in every relationship that signal an incoming breakup.

”You changed.” Two words that can change your world.

”I have something to tell you.” If this is said out of the blue, it can be catastrophic.

”I just need to say something.” Really, WTF do you need to say now?

”I saw my ex last night.” Ouch.

“I have an STD.” Girl, get yourself checked!

”We need to talk.” This is never, ever a good sign.

”It’s nothing.” JUST TELL ME HOW YOU FEEL!

”I’m pregnant.” If this is a new relationship, you’re in for a whirlwind of lifetime fun!

”Not tonight, maybe tomorrow.” Why the ‘maybe’ though?

”Something happened last night when I went out.” Oh lord, what could it be?!

”Something is wrong with this.” Nope, never a good sign.

”That wasn’t that good.” When you use this when talking about the deed, then you know something is up.

”You really need to stop.” They aren’t in love with you, they just want to change you.

”You’re overreacting!” This is never fun to say to anyone when you’re in an argument…especially with your S.O.

”You’re so much like my mother/father.” They deserve to be slapped.

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