While we don’t recommend letting the green-eyed monster get the best of you, in small doses it can actually help you!  Here’s why jealousy in a relationship can actually be healthy.

Some experts say jealousy in a relationship can be viewed as a ‘wake up call’ that reminds the partner that their mate is (still) attractive.

It can make the partner feel lucky, like they snatched themselves a catch, since everyone else also seems to think so.

Jealousy in a relationship can showcase each partner’s insecurities. And that way, each individual can hopefully understand them quicker.

Simply put, it’s nice to see a partner still think you’ve got it. 

It’s ok to be a little insecure about their love – that way, you’re always working your hardest to show you love them and vice versa. 

Jealousy is a human emotion, just like love, so it’s normal to experience it during relationships.

It helps you work harder to get what you want.

Which if you always have a little drop of jealousy in the relationship, you’ll always be working for each other’s love, and keep your feelings fresh.

Researchers believe that jealousy promotes fidelity in adults.

Psychologists say that being jealous is a sign that you care about having a monogamous sanctity, which means you’re less likely to cheat.

If you can recognize your jealousy then you can learn to control it, which encourages you to get to know your feelings better.

If you are able to portray a small dose of jealousy and can control it so it doesn’t grow, then you’re displaying a sign of maturity.

Being able to recognize your jealousy and discuss it with your partner in a calm and courteous way also shows that you have trust in your partner.

If you keep your jealousy to yourself and don’t express it to your partner, it can build up and cause a lot of issues in the relationship.

Overall, jealousy is helpful in small doses – it shows you trust your partner, it lets your partner know your insecurities, it helps you understand your own feelings better, and, if controlled, it shows a sign of maturity. So don’t be ashamed to tell your partner you were jealous when they were talking to that girl at the bar the other day.

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